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ITP/autoimmune disease

I am 53 now, so you can imagine not much was known when I was 6!

I bruised easily and was always tired. The doctors tested my bone marrow

Thinking I had leukemia. I was lucky to have an internist who found my spleen

To be enlarged thus leading to the ITP diagnosis and removal of my spleen.

I never took antibiotics as I have read in a lot of cases discussed here.

My oldest child has celiac disease and hashimoto disease. Why I was researching

info for her I read ITP was an autoimmune disease and you can pass on maybe not the exact disease, but the chance for autoimmune in a child, especially female. It also has been stated when an autoimmune disease is not properly diagnosed, as in the case of my daughter, it can trigger other autoimmune diseases . She seems to have had celiac disease first and hashimoto was triggered in college due to stress and in diagnosed celiac.

Autoimmune simply stated is chronic inflammation. Celiac a must be gluten free but her endocrinologist said having hashimoto disease she has to be gluten free as well because gluten increases inflammation throughout the bidy. You can feel better if you follow a gluten free diet. Also remember night shade foods increase inflammation as well such as tomato, eggplant, mushrooms.... you get the idea. Her hair thinned her stomach always hurt and she was fatigued so much. Research foods to avoid with autoimmune disease. She stays away from soy as well. She feels incredible now.

I have had cancer, stage 3 colon cancer at 36, my youngest has had stage 4 brain cancer twice, he is 20 n had it at 10&11, chemo n radiation. He is doing well and in college but no cure and the cancer can come back at anytime. By doing his part in his wellness as my oldest does, they research, make food intake a lifestyle not diet and it will boost your immune system. Hope this helps someone!

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Hi Kic517

Sorry to hear of the illnesses in your family. I hope the best for ye.


Thank you beibhinn :). All is well as we have all learned to

Be our own advocates. That's why I really posted, doctors

don't know a lot about nutrition and these autoimmune diseases,

if you have one at least we can learn to be as well as possible.


Yes this is a very much new universe for me and the name autoimmune trombocytepeni (ITP) was mentioned and diagnosed in my whole life, it was a chock.

Today is of course better knowledge but the whole area with all the individual responses and treatments that works / not works make you feel your are in a spinning roulette no idea where you are going to land.

Nutrition, lifestyle and health seams to be areas no one is doing any organised research on for ITP, could it be something that could be organised here on this forum?

I have been lactose intolerant for a number of years so that I know I keep away from. Gluten is something I have thinking to check up as well.

I'm currently on my six treatment already trying to get some platelets to survive.

my blog is:


All the best for you and your family.


My healing thoughts go out to you! Anyone with an autoimmune disease should stay

Clear of gluten! Sugar is also something to avoid. My daughter currently eats only fish from the fish store and organic chicken, almonds and certain fruit and vegetables and she feels so much better! My email is: if you want I can send you more information. Wellness begins with our eating habits, and if possible exercise or yoga and rather then getting overwhelmed start with one thing, what you put in your body!!! Let me know what I can help you with!

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Hello klc517 thank you very much for your response. I raised this issue with my doctors and will do the test when that will be possible.

If you like to share any of your information I would love to learn more. My email is:

All the best


thanks for all your information it really helps I will email would like to know more about your eating sue from australia


The UK ITP Association who run this forum are funding a study into food intolerances and allergies and ITP. I myself was tested and found not to have any allergies.

Information about it is here.


we r in trust with lord jesus,,so plz pray,we r also pray for u n ur family


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