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Nk cells test(beta2-glycoprotein-I antibodies)need some advice plz!

Hello everybody

Hope u all doing well in your tough journey! I have been tested for NK cells(blood test) in Denmark in less than 3 weeks ago! It has’nt been just NK cell as it was a very comprehensive blood test with several items of antibodies and coagulations etc.The Prof informed us yesterday by mail! It was too professional actually but as he says the only abnormality they found on my blood is my concentration of beta2-glycoprotein-I antibodies which was 37 kU/L (it should normally be below 20 kU/l). He reccomended prednisolone5 mg before bfp and then 10 mg ! Another medecine he said is a low-dose heparin 5000 units daily (or fragmin or innohep)by injection all pregnancy to prevent thrombosis og decrease the risk of miscarriage!!

I am so confused as I almost have never heard these things!! Is there any body who knows anything about these factors?! I do need some guidance or advice if u can! Sorry if this is too complicated or prefessional! It is just all I heard from him!

I do apprecciate your time and replies!

Good luck everybody! xxxxx

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Hi hun! I'm afraid I cannot be of much help here. Just dropped in to share a couple of things. We did 4 iui. Failed. Only then did I hear about immune testing which was only recently on the radar at time. Met dr and did ivf. So I could time the meds and maybe look at egg and embryo quality. It worked first time. I was on humira too but it didn't work for me. So it was the first pregnancy someone really took it in hand. Along the tears I'd had to beg for tests and drugs etc. it was so frustrating.

Anyhow I did another ivf cycle in jan and it failed. But I pregnant on next DE IVF cycle and am currently over the second trimester. I believe dr always look after us. I really really wish for you all the joys of a long and healthy pregnancy and for you to bring home the precious little bundle xx


Hi Andylins

Thank u so much for the reply! Such a wonderful news😍so happy for your pregnancy! As u know it is a hard journey and I am taking medecine from Denmark but ivf will be here in Sweden!! So just hanging on between 2 diferrent medications as I couldnt get any results here in Sweden and they just keep saying we dont know the reason of your bfp!!

Wish it works for me this time!

Hope u all the best in world for the rest of your pregnancy and a healthy beatiful baby! xxxxx

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No actual piece of advice from me, I'm afraid. My case differs completely. We took a surrogacy route overseas to have our LO. I thought I had to write a couple of supportive words for you as I know how draining the path is. I'm praying for your coming cycle to be successful. And that your new plan will work out the best. May God bless you on your path x


Thank u so much for your kinds words! Im happy to hear u could manage a successful sorrogacy and having your little angel❤️! I can imagine that you were under lots of stress to reach that point too! It is such a tough way!

Thank u for praying for me! I think it is my biggest need on my way!

Wish u all the best. xxxxx


stem cell and infertility on youtube


Thank u! I’ll check it!


Hi lovely. I can't think of any words of wisdom for you. I'm sorry. Just dropped in to wish you the best of luck as it's so needed when struggling. I believe your dr is the best advicer. I'm definitely going to do some reseach on the point as hear of this issue only now. Wishing you the best on the road ahead x


Hi dear Serrine

Thank u so much for your kindness and nice wishes! I do hope it work this time with the new medications!

Hope u good luck and Merry Christmass and a great New Year! xxxxx


Even I haven't heard about these medicines. I would say that you should get a second opinion. It is always better to ask another doctor. Mainly because when we start to self-doubt we get tensed. I have been through this situation. Make sure the doctor you visit experienced in this field. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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Thank u dear! Yes as u say it is better to ask my dr as well! I will meet her on February I guess and will ask her for sure! Fingers crossed that it works this time!

Wish u all the best on your way wherever u r! Xxxxx

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