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Icu induced coma infection

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Please am desperate for some positive support I'm 28 and my dad is 53 he was admitted last week after a fall down the stairs the actual issue is a servere kidney infection, he's organs were shutting down this time last week and was told he wouldn't make, but after some slight improvement I've been feeling hopeful until today I was told there is a new infection and his temperature and heart rate have shot back up, he has been in an induced coma for over a week now and it's not looking good, I'm terrified love him so much but just getting perminant negative vibes


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I was in an induced coma for 5 weeks. Also had blood infection, kidney failure, collapsed lung, blood clot,...all kinds of bad things going on. I had my last right read to me and was suppose to have died several times. By some miracle I started getting better. My family was told that if i happened to survive, chances are I'd have severe brain damage, not be able to walk or talk again, have no memory, and be on oxygen tanks the rest of my life. For some unexplainable reason I survived and have made a full recovery and 100% healthy again.

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Thank you, am praying he also makes a full recovery, it's a very anxious tine

Hey there 👋🏻

You’re in the right place for support ❤️

So many of us on this site are survivors, our families were told to expect the worse, but we are here to give you support and tell you your Dad will be fighting.

I was in a coma for 2 weeks, it was a roller coaster for my family throughout, recovery is not a linear smooth process, it’s 2 steps forward, 3 back sometimes, but we are all here for you xx

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Thank you that means alot xx

Hi I'm michael I was induced in a coma at the end of 2016 I had full organ fauliar and i was under for 8 weeks and they told my family I would not make it I'm here today I'm sure ur dad is a fighter and he will come out the other side keep praying and ill pray for him today keep ur head and never give up he needs post if thinking make sure u keep talking to him even tho he is asleep

Your Dad is young and has every chance of recovery because of that. It is frightening to see a member of your family go through this and it is a rollercoaster with positive steps forward and then steps back. My brother was in an induced coma at the start of the year- he is a few years younger than your Dad -we were also given similar prognosis. Today he is fit and well and running round after his children. I’ve sent a link below to explain what happens in an induced coma as it may help reassure you

Remain hopeful and strong for your Dad and keep talking to him as it will reassure him to know you are there.

Numerous infections whilst overcoming flu, double pneumonia septic shock leading to heart, kidney & respiratory failure. 57 day coma, severe ARDS, VRE, CMV, MSSA & glandular fever. Finally discovered I had a type of leukaemia- 2 1/2 yrs after discharge- leading a pretty normal life.

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Sepsur have we spoken before? I know your name. Were you on a group called the BigWhiteWall by any chance?

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Not knowingly ☺️

I hope at this point your dad has begun to improve. It is par for the course to acquire some kind of infection whilst in a coma. Usually around the 3 week period. Chest infections are the most common. My daughter already had Viral Pneumonia and ARDS which caused her to need a trachy, then at almost week 3, it was discovered she also had Bacterial Pneumonia. Her kidneys shut down and she was placed on frequent dialysis. She wound up with a UTI. It was told to us this is a normal part of coma. Infections are expected and they check for them regularly. Patients can also acquire bladder infections from the tubes etc. I am assuming he is having dialysis which will take the pressure off and let his kidneys take a break. Hopefully antibiotics will help him in the short term. Recovery from coma can be harder then the initial cause. Just hang in there and try to stay positive. All the best.

Hi it was just the same for my family. When I came round my wife told me how negative the docs were. She said that my temperature kept going up and down. Had multi organ failure. Blood clots. Had 2 chest drains you name it. Thanks to the doctors and nurses i am sfill here. So don't give up hope. I know how hard it is for you from how my family suffered while I was ill.

Hi just keep strong for the both of u .the best thing is he is in the best place .keep ure faith up I realize that the doctors have to give worse case scenario s.but u ure self inside have to keep focused and use ure energy to keep u well and help ure dad .

Hi. This time last year, I was in an induced coma. Had sepsis, general organ failure, starting with the kidneys, and finally I made it. Now I'm ok. So, stay hopeful. Wish your fathet gets better and all the best to you.

Hi, i have recently been in hospital for necrotizing fasciitis of the esophegus aswell as blood clotsbin my throat and neck. This type of infection eats away at the membrane surrounding your muscles and is extremely fast moving, usually mortality can be expected within a couple of days. Luckily i went to a good hospital and was treated in thier hyperbarric chamber and had multiple surgeries. I have almost fully recovered after 2 weeks in a medically induced coma and 2 weeks in ICU

Technology of today quickly saved my life. If nothing else try to remember that in this day and age we are using the best technology and equiptment to treat people and while there is no guarantees you can hopefully take some comfort in knowing that He is in the best hands and they will use all thier knowledge and technology to treat him as effectively as possible.

My thoughts go out to you and your family.

I hope things get better for you .


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