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3 weeks in induced coma

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It's my first time of writing on this site my partner has been in an induced coma for 3 weeks . doctors can't seem to get his antibiotics right . He's having a mri scan tomorrow then a ling sedation break in afternoon . i am praying that he comes around ok and be able to remove ventilation tube if not a tracky will be put in xx i feel so helpless but trying to stay positive x

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Hey Cath,

Thank you so much for reaching out to our community. There's various survivors and family members on here and we are all here to support you and your partner.

What was the cause of your partner's induced coma if you don't mind me asking?

Bill (Luckyone) was in a long coma and hospital stay and he was of great support to me. I was in a coma for 2 weeks and it takes a lot to wake people, it's trial and error on the sedation.

I was fortunate enough to see a lady in a coma (does that make sense?) on my last visit to ITU. She was moving her arms and was intubated. I said "oh is she waking up?" And the nurse said "not yet". As they didn't allow my husband to take photos I had no idea what I looked like, I found it fascinating. Sneak a photo if you can and are you keepin a diary?

My friend's mother had a massive bleed on her brain and she was moved from intubated to Trach and they much preferred it as she looked more like her. She's awake now and recovering. It's just another tool to help your partner, like the intubator.

Luckyone can you offer any advice?

All the very best and please keep us posted,

Debs xxx

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angelrock in reply to BBDEBS

Debs, what you wrote is wonderful and so true.

I have no memory of my time in ICU or HDU (September/October 2014) but I know I was very safe in the hands of all the medical staff. They are very skilled at their jobs and will be doing their up most to assist and nurse your partner.

Kindest wishes and positive thoughts.


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Cath78 in reply to angelrock

Thank you yes nurses are wonderful also other families with members in itu its like we support each other and help each other to stay positive x

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Cath78 in reply to BBDEBS

Thanks x

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Cath78 in reply to BBDEBS

Thanks for your kind words partner is making tiny baby steps but its all positive xx

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Cath78 in reply to BBDEBS

Thanks i just feel like i want him to just have tracky in because i know all sedations come off and i just want him to awake but also i know doctors know best and i have trust in them all x

Hi Cath,

I can understand your concerns for your partner, my wife had the same concerns five &half years ago now, I was intubated for 19days before I was stable enough to have a tracheotomy, I have no memory of the first 53 days of the 3 months I was in ICU but my wife told me they must have tried every drug in the cupboard to try and find one that work, even speaking to other doctors around the world looking for answers as the strain of pneumonia couldn't be identified, I had no idea of what was happening during that time but thankfully my wife kept a diary of it, along with the families daily lives and thoughts, it was very difficult reading it several months later when I felt I needed to know what had happened during that time. For me and many others here in the community our memories are very different, locked in a bizarre world of nightmares and hallucinations that you can recall as if it was yesterday.

Take heart that he's in the best place and will get the best treatment possible in ICU, it's also very important to look after your own health as it's very easy to neglect when you're in what my wife would describe as the ICU bubble, the ICUsteps website at icusteps.org has an intensive care guide booklet which you can download for free along with much more information.

My thoughts are with you and your partner at this difficult time and wish him all the best on a good recovery.


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Cath78 in reply to Luckyone

Thanks bill sounds similar to my partner with trying all different medications they told me they are really miffed . they swapped antibiotics for antihistamines couple of days ago and it seems to be making a difference x long sedation break yesterday and another one today x yea i totally get the itu bubble i am looking afer myself health and emotionally because am aware this is the beginning of a long road ahead x

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Luckyone in reply to Cath78

It was steroids in the end for me as after the antibiotics had done their job and my own antibodies failed to shut down causing enlarged lymph nodes, so I had to have a bone marrow biopsy to detect for any signs of cancer before I could be given the steroids, thankfully all was clear starting me on my road to recover.

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Cath78 in reply to Luckyone

Thanks bill it just proves that when people share same experiences they have a good understanding of what you are going through xxx

Hello Cath

My thoughts are with you, I was sedated for 42 days during which I had a trachy put in, not sure of exact time, but could not be moved for an MRI. Spent a total of 105 days in ICU plus 2 weeks in normal ward. From speaking to my wife and family I have an idea what you are going through. I got out on 23rd December in a wheelchair weighing about half my normal wieght. 6 months later I'm painting the house from top to bottom ! still need some physio and run out of steam a lot sooner than I did. But outlook good. Whats going on in your and your partners life at the minute will pass, no matter how nightmarish it appears now, keep strong, no one will give up on him.


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Cath78 in reply to GordonE

Am so grateful for your kind words it's so nice to hear about recovery . this time will pass am just taking it a day at a time sometimes an hour at a time xx

Thanks to everyone for your supportive replys all scans mri ct etc have all came bk ok . my partner had a very long sedation break yesterday and will have another one today . the nurses are brill but I'll be asking to have an update today from doctor . i am looking afer myself health and emotionally wise because i know myself and partner have a long road ahead of us x also thanks for the links for me to read am going to have a look at them now xx

Thankyou going to take a look now x

Thanks so much hearing of yours and others recovery gives me strength and hope xx

Hi Cath, my partner has been out of hospital for 6 weeks now he spent 8 weeks in hospital 7 of those in an induced coma! He too had to be ventilated but was too unstable to have a tracheotomy until towards the end of his stay! He had severe pancreatic infection and went into multiple organ failure, resulting in dialysis, induced coma intravenous drips, Nasogastric feed etc, the hospital Gave him 48 hours if he pulled through we stood a fighting chance, they decided during this 48 hours to flip him onto his front, given all else that was happening this was no easy task, he survived the 48 hours and after two bouts of incubation pneumonia along with blood transfusions and c-diff he is here snoring loudly! They got there eventually!

It's so nice to here that your partner is on the mend , all the staff were great when my feller was in ITU,I found for myself though as time went by after he left hospital, how the trauma of all went on dawned on me ,it hasn't been easy dealing with my emotions,I suppose at the time of my feller being in ITU with the 50/50 chance of survival , my survival instinct kicked in , looking back I can see I was on auto pilot. It's nearly a year now since my feller was in hospital and I still have a cry ,even now am crying just replying to you 😊 but thank God he's still alive and I am grateful for that xxxx

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