Sepsis and meningitis

Hi. 3 weeks ago my dad was rushed into hospital and we discovered he had sepsis and meningitis. Amazingly he has fought the infection but has been the poorliest he could ever be. Now he is off intensive care, off all life support and breathing independently, although he has a tracheostomy fitted. He will lose the fingers on 1 hand and all his toes. We are into day 4 of no sedation but he just isn't waking up. He is moving his hands and head and occasionally responds to things but he hasn't opened his eyes. 3 brain scans have come back clear, his internal organs are functioning fine. Doctors are panicking me now as they keep saying they would like to see him more awake. He was on full sedation for over 2 weeks. Anyone have similar experience? I'm petrified he won't ever properly wake. Thank you x

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  • After 2 months in an induced coma it took me 11 days to wake up - everyone is different, age & fitness contribute - hope your father continues to improve

  • Thank you. This gives me some hope. Just watching the panorama documentary on it now. 3 weeks ago I'd never even heard of sepsis. This is just awful.

  • 44,000 people in U.K. Die of it a year - serious stuff

  • My dad was sedated for 3 weeks (ventilated with trachy). It took him about 12 days, after the 3 weeks, to wake properly with sedation being gradually reduced. I remember the doctors saying to us they need him to wake, which does panic you a bit. But when he did start to wake his blood pressure would go really high so they would increase sedation a little. It felt like he would never get out of it but the doctors know what they are doing, they just need to keep tweaking the levels until they get it right. Even when he did come round he was still slightly delirious for a while. He is 73. But after that he improved well and the trachy was removed after about a week of him waking properly.

    I hope everything works out well for your father.

  • Thank you. They said they would reduce dad's sedation slowly but they upped it to fit the trachy then next day he was off all sedation. He has been off all machines and meds since Sunday. He holds our hand and responds occasionally with a squeeze or head shake. You have given me some hope with your experience, thank you. Xxx

  • When my sister finally cam eoff the machines she took awhile to wake up. And even though we wanted to see her awake for our own peace of mind she needed the rest. Even when she did wake up she was so messed up in the head that she really didn't come around for a little over a week after she opened her eyes. The important thing is he is breathing on his own and all organs are functioning... hers were not and still we r hoping the kidneys will come back. It is a long haul but be patient. Every person is different...let the old guy sleep he will b back in no time I truly believe it.

  • Hi. Just spoken to the consultant and he is taking the trachy out today and they will move dad into a neurological ward. He was suggesting severe brain damage and blindness. This is incredibly hard to stomach and I don't feel he's had enough time to come round. Only been off meds for 4 days.

  • Do you know what sedation your Dad has been on? I.e. Propofol vs. Midazolam(Versed) as well as Fentanyl/ Morphine?

    Also, how long ago have they done the tracheostomy?

    More information about sedation here

    Furthermore have a look at this article/video here


    If the CT scans are clear, he should wake up in his own time.

    Why are they amputating fingers and toes? Too many vasoconstrictors like Noradrenaline?

  • Hi. He was on propofol for 2 weeks and 3 days. The tracheostomy went in last Sunday then they removed all meds. He had sepsis and meningococcal so double whammy. He has gangrene in all left hand fingers and his toes although ironically they are now the least of his worries. They said he was amazing to live past the first 24 hours and physically he was super fit for his age which is why he survived the viruses. 3 CT scans have come back clear. I'll have a look at the web links. Thank you. X

  • Are the kidneys working? If kidneys are not working as a byproduct of the sepsis, he may need longer to wake up.

    Also, has he had much Morphine or Fentanyl?

  • All his internal organs are working well independently except maybe his brain. He hasn't had any other sedation than the propofol. Docs have suggested brain damage and possibly blindness. X

  • Hi I also had Sepsis may 2016 I worked in the docks and inhaled a lot of dirty dusty air days later I was feeling ill and saw my doctor after working all week it turned out I had acute respiratory distress, Sepsis, pneumonia, bird & swine flu and adult mumps. I was 999 to a A&E obseved for 24hr but eventually chemically put in coma in critical care for 2 weeks and made full recovery lung tests show 116% I have had every vaccine I can.

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