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Sepsis and Pneumonia 4 weeks

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Update on my nephew, they have stopped his sedation 3 days ago, but still looks like he is sedated, but i understand it can take a while for sedation to come out of his system, im worried that he still is being treated for sepsis and pneumonia after 4 weeks!! How long can they keep trying? And why is the antibiotics not working, he is only 20 years, he also has liver and kidney disease since the age of 9

Thankyou for any advice

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I hope your nephew improves soon. I overcame sepsis, pneumonia & septic shock, eventually. CMV, VRE, MSSA, glandular fever and leukaemia made their job even harder, maybe your boy's other conditions are protracting the situation and delaying his recovery. I'm sure there are other people on this forum who have experienced similar & can shed more light. Best wishes

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Hi sepsur

Thank you for your reply what a fighter you are, gives me hope, i think your correct, as he also has problems with his heart and lung since being admitted, just when i google it , most sites says sepsis last 7-10 days, just dont want to give up hope

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Sepsis is one hell of a b*****d and can cause multiple organ failure. Given his pre-existing conditions, I'm gonna presume that the treatment team are being super cautious.

Uk sepsis trust might be able to help?

D x

My sister has come out of it okay... usually if there is an underlying cause pneumonia could b fatal... the fact that he is out of sedation is wonderful and great news. My sister was in icu for 5 weeks then transferred to a medicine floor where she stayed another 2 weeks...she is home now but has to return to hospital for 3 days a week. It is a long battle. I hope ur nephew is okay. Best wishes

I would also like to add that my sister is a 35 year old that did not lead a healthy lifestyle. All her organs had completely shut down. It looked really bad for a long time but she slowly recovered each organ. Her kidneys are still failing but just yesterday there was a glimmer of hope. She is very weak but if she can pull thru I believe ur nephew can too!!! It's hard to stay positive but u can do it!!!

Hello friz

Hes got a tracheostomy, he has pneumoina already with the severe sepsis, he has been in the intensive care unit since 13/08/17, he has pressure on right side of his heart, enlarged nymp nodes in which they doing PET scan today, they also want to do do Bone Marrow test, and remove one of his lymp nodes, every time they tried to stop his sedation he has a high temperuture and fast heart beat, he is also on diaylsis

Hope this helps

Thank you

Thank you for your reply sicksister so pleased your sister is on the ling road to recovery x thank you for your advice

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I hope he pulls through as another poster said sepsis is a b****** my uncle didn't pull thru but that's was because after he kicked sepsis butt he got a high temp that would not go down at all and his body just shut down he was a rather large man so I guess that didn't help after he passed we finally found out he dies of bronco pneumonia icu is not a nice place I fee ur pain.

It's a good sign his temp is controllable and to answer ur question about sedation it takes time don't worry if it's taking to long and don't be surprised if the re sedate believe me he's better off when my uncle came round god rest his soul he would look thru me and silent scream at the ceiling he had icu delirium. One thing we learned it have hope he can't take one step forward 10 steps back min by min but try and relax hard I know let him know how much u love him talk his ears off he can hear u I pray he will be cured and u can private message me anytime xxxxx

Last week they done it, then he got another infection straight after, so they changed his antibiotics , x

I had Sepsis and went into 2 grade 3 Comas and had a 1-2% survival rate. My heart and lungs were failing and my kidneys failed so I had to have dialysis. I was treated for Sepsis for 4 weeks until it finally went, and was on various antibiotics until they found the right combination for me. I hope your nephew gets better soon.

I was on a ventilator for over 3 weeks and didn't have a tracheotomy, but then none of the medical staff expected me to survive.

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