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Dad in ITU with Covid19


Hi All

My dad has been in ITU for 3 weeks now with covid.

From Friday onwards they have managed to start weaning his sedation and changed the mode on ventilation so he is initiating his own breath.

This is the most postive news we have had since he was intubated. His oxygen requirement has been around 40-45%. He got quite distressed last night with sedation reduction so they slightly increased and he has settled.

Although these are small improvements I am still so scared as the docs told me last week that his lungs are quite damaged with a lot of scarring.

I am so scared that he won't pull through but I am praying so hard.

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Hope, pray and try not to get too far ahead in fearing possible outcomes. It's so hard I know. This is your Dad. A very difficult time. Take care .

The docs thought that I might never get full capacity of my lungs after severe ARDS - I was left with minimum scarring on my left lung ultimately- - so who knows what will be the outcome for your Dad

HopefulA in reply to Sepsur

I'm really glad to hear of your recovery x

Prayers for you and your dad during this difficult time. My dad is also in the ICU with covid. It’s a horrific time that we are having. Sending you a virtual hug from someone who is there too.

Thank you and praying for your dad's recovery🙏🏽

Semding prayers.

my father is in the same Just have to keep positive and remain hopeful

HopefulA in reply to avnipiro

Praying for your dad and you and your family xx

Praying for your dad. Sometimes doctors will give us the worst scenario so we can understand how serious things are, but there’s always a change for things to get better. God delights when we turn to Him in prayer. He is powerful and can change this whole scenario for His glory. Don’t lose hope.

HopefulA in reply to Taciab2020

Thank you, absolutely holding on to my faith and truly believing all prayers for all of us here will be heard🙏🏽

Taciab2020 in reply to HopefulA


Praying for your dad ❤️ how is he today? Hoping for more positive news, and comfort for you.

Thank you, well the doc said yesterday that they have managed to wean his ventilation support and some of his sedation, which is the biggest postive we have had in last 3 weeks.

He talked to me about possibly putting in a tracheostomy later in the week or next week if they can't extubate.

Dad is clearly showing how much of a fighter he is :)

His oxygen requirement has gone up from 45 to 60% in last 24 hours which is making me nervous. X

That’s great news about weaning sedation and ventilation 😊. He is a fighter!

Maybe his oxygen requirement went up because they’re weaning him from the vent support? Let’s be positive and hold onto these little victories! Stay strong. Waiting to hear on my dad this afternoon- I get the worst anxiety leading up to when we make the call to check in. Ugh!

Praying for continued strength and peace for you and your family, and your warrior of a dad!

Oh I get so anxious before the calls so wishing you all the best, sending postive vibes your way x

How is your dad today, sending you hugs x

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