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Close Friends 20 yr old Daughter (also a close friend aswell) in ICU after Hit & Run-RTC


This morning I got a phone call from a close friend called Gareth, who was really upset because his 20 year old daughter Annie had been knocked down in a hit & run at about 1 am this morning, after a night out with her mates. He found out that this had happen when he answered the door to 2 police officers at 2 am this morning.

She suffered massive brain injuries-bleeding inside & outside the brain & swelling of the brain, 2 fractures to her skull & spinal injuries-2 fractures to her neck & lower back, these injuries needed emergency surgery.

She's now in ICU in a coma as a result of her brain injuries & on life support. Doctors have told Gareth that if she lives/survives she might be brain damaged & paralyzed from either the neck or waist down.

Gareth has sent me pictures of her hospital bed in the ICU this afternoon to my mobile, she looks a real mess, with all the tubes & wires sticking out of her, bandage around her head & neck hard collar on. She isn't the Annie I know & I nearly vomited from the shock of seeing the pictures of her in ICU.

The sad things are that she has a 6 month old daughter called Linda & her dad Gareth can't walk because of leg injuries suffered in freak entrapment accident at work 10 yrs ago this year in December. Annie is/was Gareth's main career.

I am going to the hospital to see Annie tomorrow, using the train.

Laura, Gareth's, Annie's & Linda's close friend

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So sorry to read this, thoughts and prayers are with her and her family xx


Oh I'm so sorry to here this, but even though you see all those tubes etc they are doing there job keeping her stable, I would imagine later down the line , she will have scans of her brain once the swelling has gone down. It's always a shock to see someone you love or care a lot for like this. But you have to take a day at a time .

My dad is in a coma his been in one for nearly 7 weeks now and was in icu .

In icu they are lovely she will get great care 😊 Xx


I am extremely sad to hear your news, what a great shock to your friend . It must be an awful situation for all concerned.

Firstly be reassured that Annie is in the very best place for all her medical and health needs. Secondly, Garth needs to contact his local Adult Social Care dept to assist him with his everyday needs, hopefully find someone to come in and replace Annie and finally the baby is there other family members who can step in and help ? If not again contact his local Social Services who will be able to sign post him to the relevant departments.

All the very best to everyone concerned.

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I am so sorry to hear this and will be praying! Also just like they said just because you see all the tube and wires that means they are doing everything to save her. My mom just got pulled out of a coma a week ago she almost lost her life it has been a very hard few weeks. Just be there for the family and Annie. Always speak to her as even her being under she can hear you!!! It can help comfort her. I hope for a safe recovery!!!


I am so sorry to hear such a sad news. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.


So sorry to hear this news..hopfully she will pull through ..thoughts and prayers go to you and all Annie's family💕


Awww Kerr that's so sad life can be so cruel and so unfair .. I'm onto wk 19 visiting my dad it's horrible , I feel your pain 😢 Thinking of you xx


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