New, Husband 26 yrs old, Critical after Hit & Run

Hi all,

My name is Samantha & I'm new here

Only yesterday, an hour after I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Andrew, weighing 9lbs 4ozs, I found out that my husband Steven aged 26 (baby's dad) had been knocked down during his lunch break at work & was a hit & run, when two policemen came to see me on the maternity ward of another hospital.

They took me to the hospital, they then took me to the ICU, where I was taken into the relatives room by two doctors & a nurse, who then explained to me that Steven was critically ill in a non medically induced coma as a result of severe brain injuries, which are swelling & bleeding both inside & outside the brain, that they have operated on.

I then asked to see him & the nurse took me to his bedside, where I was taken back all the tubes, wires & machines that he is attached to. His face is badly cut up as well, some of the cuts needed stitches, along with a bandage around his head.

I know that coma patients might be able to hear because I was in a coma for 19 days from brain injuries myself & could hear voices & sounds around me.

I have people looking after the baby whilst I keep a bedside vigil at the hospital with breaks in between. Even close family (my side) & friends are helping me by coming to the hospital & keeping the bedside vigil with me. Steven doesn't have any surviving family members.

Any advice/kind words welcome


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  • How awful for you. My dad has been in intensive care for three weeks now and it is an incredibly draining and difficult time - I have also had children so know how you feel just after childbirth. Cannot imagine how you must be feeling. Sending love and best wishes that Steven has a speedy recovery so he can meet baby Andrew xxxxx <3

  • Your poor person, how I feel for you with such mixed emotions. Happiness of giving birth to shock and worry for your partner. Be there for him talk to him but look after yourself and your baby. Tell him all about his new roll as a father. Hugs for you and try to stay positive. Xx

  • I'm very sorry to hear what you are currently going through Sammy90!

    You can check out this site here and use the search function for brain injuries and you get plenty of free and good information

    I hope that helps!

    Wishing you, your husband and your new born baby boy all the very best!

  • Firstly, I am very sad to hear this news. Please remind yourself that Steven is in the very best place for all his medical needs, please talk to him as well he needs to hear your voice. The medical staff are all wonderful and know what they are doing to help Steven every day. This is sent with loving kindness always.

    I hope all goes smoothly for you and your new family life.

  • I am so sorry to hear this! How can something so horrible and something so amazing happen all at once. I can only imagine how hard this is but you can stay strong for him and for your beautiful baby!! My mom was in icu in a coma and we almost lost her it was hard but we took it day by day and worked thru it. She is now home and doing much better thankfully. I wish you and yours all the best. Just keep talking to him and have nothing but positive energy around him!!! Prayers your way!

  • Samantha, can't imagine what you went through. I hope there are signs of improvement. But keep talking to him, holding his hand. My wife remembers the moment she felt me squeeze hers in response. Prayers for you, Steven and baby Andrew. 🙏

  • Hi Samantha. .my heart goes out to you at this assured that the doctors will do the very best for Steven and hopefully all will go well for you and your little family..take care , Tessan

  • How is it going Samantha? Have been thinking about you x

  • Hi all

    Firstly thank you all for you kind words & prayers so far, especially AJH1709.


    CT Scans have shown that there is no new bleed inside & outside his brain, also the swelling of his brain has started to go down, this is what I was told earlier today by doctors. Steven hasn't shown any signs of breathing on his own or coming out of the coma yet.

    Will keep you all updated.


  • Hi Samantha - That is good to hear a little bit of positive news :) I'm sure it is just a slow process and fingers crossed once the swelling goes down some more he will start to breath for himself and wake up. Do keep us posted. And hope you are managing to spend some time with little Andrew xxxxx

  • So sorry about your husband. Hope he is doing better now. My situation really isn't the same, but I will tell you about my brother. He had what is referred to as a closed head brain injury ( got mugged and left for dead). We were told he would never be able to walk or talk again. He had to jump a lot of hurdles but is now a productive man able to walk AND talk. I tell you this to give you hope. Love and support from family and friends go a long way in the healing process. Good luck and best wishes.

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