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My 14 yr old Daughter in ITU


I'm new & my name is Laura

My 14 yr old daughter Amy was knocked down 3 days ago, on Thursday, whilst playing outside with some of her friends who are younger than her & I & the dad of her friends witness the accident.

My daughter Amy remains in a critical condition in a deep coma, not medically induced. She suffered a fractured skull, severe brain injuries, spinal injuries & a fractured leg. The medical staff looking after her have been a excellent support so far.

Any advise welcome.

Thank you


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Hi so sorry to hear this about your daughter. I can't give any advice on her injuries but after being in a coma myself I know she won't be in any pain, my husband was in a bad car accident 12 years ago he suffered similar injuries he was in a coma for 6 weeks to let swelling go down on his brain, yes he has a brain injury but he alive and kicking. My thoughts are with you x


My dear friend, welcome to our community, I hope you find support and answers here.

At the age of 18 months I too had a fractured skull but was out of hospital within a week or so, I was little and I probably bounced.

At the age of 38 this year I was put in a coma. The comfort I can give you is that your daughter will be able to hear snippets of you, so please ensure she has regular visitors and that the nurses, who will do this anyway, talk to her. Keep a diary. She will not be in any pain, I promise you that with all my heart, she will not be suffering. The fact her body has put itself in a coma shows how amazing our bodies truly are!! She needs time to heal and her body is conserving all energy, and focusing its efforts where needed ie her brain.

Please don't be alarmed if it takes a while for her to wake up. Give yourself time off visiting to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to support her. She may well be agitated upon waking. She won't know she's been in a coma.

Lean on all friends and family members, encourage them to visit if nothing else so you can recuperate.

Please don't hesitate to contact this support group for help. My heart and prayers are with you

Debs xx


Hi, so sorry to hear about Amy. I'll keep all of you in my prayers. My husband was in a coma and on life support for 3 months due to triple streph pneumonia. I took in a CD player and played all his and our favourite songs. Every time I went in it was always cheerful and upbeat. My crying was done away from him. Always be positive, they can sense it. I also helped with his bathing and whatever the nurses would allow.

My husband was given less than 2% chance of survival. We will celebrate 26 years this December. The doctors said his survival was mostly because I refused to give up even when they did.

You are in my prayers. God Bless!!


Thanks for sharing, it gives hope to desperate people.


So sorry to hear your awful news. You and Laura are in my thoughts and prayers ....


How's Amy doing? Xx


Hi Laura. I hope you're doing ok and that Amy is recovering. You're still in my thoughts.



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