Close friends wife in ITU/ICU after Car Crash

Hi Everyone,

One of my close friends called Andy wanted me to share this with you as he's really upset by what has happen to his beautiful wife Katie, who I have met as well.

Only 4 days ago his wife was involved in a very serious car crash that has left her fighting for her life in a coma & still is, not induced.

She suffered severe brain injuries that needed emergency surgery. They have told him that if she lives there might be a change of brain damage & the heartbreaking thing is that they have identical twin sons aged 7, who I have also met as well.

I do understand what he's going though because my 14 year old daughter Amy was knocked down 2 months & 3 days ago & suffered severe brain injuries as well & she's still recovering in the same hospital as Andy's wife on the children's ward.

Laura, Amy's mum

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Sorry to hear the news. For what it is worth Katie is in the best possible place. Our thoughts & prayers are with you all.


Could you please refrain from making unhelpful comments to this site that are not in the spirit of the community or you will be removed.


Thank you Luckyone I was very upset by the second comment to mine & my friends post.

Laura, Amy's mum.


Hi Laura,

As modulator for the community I monitor all comments in line with the guidelines set down, the comment has now been removed, ICUsteps believes in support and understanding to all patients, relatives & friends, being in ICU or having a relative/friend fighting for their life can be a very traumatic time for all.

I fully understand how your friend is feeling, I spent almost seven & weeks in & out of an induced coma so critically ill that I was given a less 10% chance of survival but the human body and medical science are wonderful things and the doctors & nurses that work in ICU do an amazing job in saving lives so Andy can rest assured Katie will get the best treatment possible, my thoughts are with you all at this very traumatic time.


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Thanks for the warning, if my comments do harm, then you can remove me. For I thought every human being is not body alone but soul/ mind and spirit, if patients and relatives with such traumatic conditions do not need spiritual and psychological support, what an astonishment! Man with out spirit and soul. Wishing you well.


Luckyone As this reads now, I have made unhelpful comments. Is it, as I believe, the case that someone else made them and have since been removed from this post?


Yes it was removed as it was not within the guidelines of the community spirit which is t offer support & understanding.


I totally agree Katie is in the very best place for all her health and medical needs, she will be constantly monitored and the staff are very well aware of all her daily needs. Life is tough but these awful situations are always heartbreaking. Positive thoughts are with you.


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