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6 weeks in an induced coma


Hi. I've just discovered this site. I have been searching for info on what to expect after ICU since i left hospital in December 2018. Finally I've found some hope. I am still in such a lot of pain, numbness, pins and needles and I have brain fog and 6 weeks where my life went on, my daughter married, my father passed away and loads more but it wasn't real. It all happened when I was in a coma. I don't feel like im getting any better. At least I've finally found others that have experienced similar symptoms and feelings. I was on the brink of thinking I was going crazy. Im so grateful for eveyone's positive contributions on this page.

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I was also in a induced coma for six week after contracting flu and later Pneumonia ,sepsis and MRSA .That was 3yrs ago although it did not effect me after about 10 months i started getting sleeping problems and was later diagnosed with PTSD. I have good days and bad days. If you feel you need help go for it i did.


The dreams were so real! I get what you mean about the feelings of going crazy. Although I know mine did not happen, they have become an alternate reality for me during reflection. I had some great dreams and some horrible dreams, I try not to find meaning in them. I am almost 5 months out, still have pain walking, dealt with hair loss which no body told me might happen... mentally the fog is clearing, certain things still confuse me or simply exhaust me... the further out I get the more I realize how lucky I am to be here. Getting excited to return to work, being stuck at home has been torture at times...

I’m still trying to figure out which details of my coma dreams were fake because the barrier between reality & fantasy is really flimsy. I know the bulk of the dreams didn’t happen but I have discovered various small things in my life that I believed had happened, certainly hadn’t - life after Critical Care is very discombobulating.

Hi Branwen! I was in hospital for almost two months last year, and the 21 days was spent on ICU in life support. What happened to me after emerging from coma: I was unable to talk and walk, confused, disoriented and crazy brain fog. But after 4 months I'm able to work again, and in just 6 months I'm back at our office though I'm still experiencing joint pains till now. You may not notice your improvement, but believe me, just be patient and you will be surprised how far you've come. Let's celebrate small achievement! :)

take care you warrior!

No you're certainly not going crazy. I was in an induced coma, was very poorly and my organs started shutting down. Last thing I remember was the doctor saying we need to pop you off to sleep for a wee while. I had really vivid dreams. Some were beautiful but most were horrific and I could sense pain which I know is probably impossible. The mental recovery has been just as bad as the physical. Still have nightmares and sometimes see things that aren't really there. The ICU team kept a daily diary for me which helped a little but still have trouble with my dreams and reality. On a waiting list for counseling and I'm glad I've found people who understand. Xx

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