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Two Weeks On Induced Coma

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Hello There

My dad was admitted due to some infections and he was also suffering from dehydration problem so they were put him on sedation and ventilator for a week and after completion of week they planned to remove ventilator so stopped sedation but my father was not waking up so they told us to do tracheostomy after a day of tracheostomy they were tried to remove oxygen tube to checked that dad can take it without that tube or not and they got a result dad can do it now it seems 10 days to stop sedation and 3 days to stop ventilator or any other life tools but still he is not awaking we are afraid beacuse all reports are normal now also no damage founds on CT Scan and MRI sometime he was awake and follow some commad but then again was going on deep sleep. Anyone faced same if yes then please suggest what's happening. Response would be appriciated

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Because we all behave differently under sedation - this is quite a useful video to explain the path patients take to waking from induced coma - (despite his irritating voice)

Thanks for your feedback Actually I had read this article but my dad showing some different symptoms today his hands were tremor continuously so we are worried about that.

Please be reassured it takes time for the drugs used to induce coma to work out of the system, I mean weeks as I watched my brother go through this. It was frightening to watch the spasms and I was frightened by how he would be affected. He did go on to make a complete recovery so please be assured that many of the symptoms are temporary. Remain hopeful is the best advice we were given.

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks for the support

As per Doctor's report he is suffering from seizures so they already had started medicines for that and It's a forth day after started it so anyone's know how much time it will take to recover from seizures

Please know that these types of symptoms persisted for weeks when my brother was in ICU. We were told bluntly by one consultant with complete lack of empathy you do know there may be no recovery for your brother. This is my kind loving intelligent brother who was father to two children the youngest of whom was 6 at the time. It was very hard and his words brought us to the lowest point but he was wrong. Remain hopeful the kind consultant said and he was right. It took relearning how to swallow speak and walk again after muscle wastage and the effects of being on a ventilator and feeding tubes and dialysis. I know how hard it it. I hope for a good recovery for your Dad and we are thinking of you and your family.

Hi there,

My dad was also on induced coma for a while. It took him around 3 weeks to wake up properly. Our bodies need time to recover infections and all those drugs they get. Just imagine how tired you feel after a long night up.. it's hard to wake up the next day. Now imagine your father fighting against an infection and all sedated! It takes time!! Be patient and send him your love. Let him know you are there even if you can't see him. He will get your energy. That really really helps! Love heals :D

Wish you and your dad all the best!! And never never give up and think its the end. NEVER! Doctors know what they do but at the end is all about your fathers fight and he can make it! Doctor told us my father would never wake up. That was a year ago and now he can even drive his car again!! So awake is he now :)

Strength to you and your father!


Yes I agree totally. You know your Dad better than any Doctor. Keep talking to him to reassure him you are there. Cris’ story is another great message of hope. Best wishes to you and your Dad for his recovery

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