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Induced Coma and Stable

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My partner has been put in an induced come since mid june from blunt force trauma.

Left liver and spleen removed and pierced right liver and broken ribs.

Drs mentioned she is an an induced coma and "stable" then we have been mention of "we should consider taken her off life support"

Im confused and not getting to many answers.

I thought if you were in a induced coma and stable its a good outlook?

Doesnt induced coma but in stable condition mean your off the critical stage?

Im sooo 😭😭😭

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So sorry to hear about your partner x. I would of thought the same as yourself that if they were stable that there is a good chance of coming out of it. Have they tried bringing them out of coma? And most importantly have you asked the question of why they want to switch life support off? I know it's a hard question but it may help you and family make an informed decision

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Millybh35 in reply to jojokarak

Thank you.

After 4 operations then to be in an induced but your stable. I was sooo happy. Like yes, thats one step closer to coming home.

No they havent tried to bring her out yet but I did hear they do it slowly and 72hours off the respirator is the most critical!

I honestly have been crying everday and cant bare to ask that question at the moment!

I was in an induced coma for two months - over that period they tried to wake me & take me off various pieces of life support. The problem was that I became unstable as soon as they did this and I was put back on the machines. Eventually I pulled through and stopped picking up secondary infections

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On the 14th it will be 3months.

Within this time she has undergone 4 operations!

Obviously being in induced coma is meant to make you heal quicker?

At anystage with you being in your induced coma was switching of life support mentioned?

What is secondary infection?

Is getting secondary infection usually the main issue when coming out of induced coma?

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Sepsur in reply to Millybh35

I believe I was placed in an induced coma to enable them to get on with saving my life unimpeded by either my actions or my family's. My body went through unimaginable stresses from all the different machinery keeping my lungs working, my kidneys, heart etc. I was intubated & fed by tube - all uncomfortable, I had catheters for bladder, bowel & lower body circulation. Dialysis, proned - plummeting blood pressure, heart failure - you name it. They then were having to pack me in ice to control massive fevers - it went on and on.

I don't remember having trachy ( again a very unpleasant procedure if conscious) I don't remember being proned 4 x, my wife said this for her was one of the many awful moments. I don't remember dialysis or clearing my lungs, I don't remember all the spikes and drains being moved around my neck, chest & groin to reduce chance of infection. I woke up on ventilator and catheters - all were pretty grim and gladly removed within a few weeks.

They desperately fought to stabilise me - but for a long time they couldnt manage it.

My family saw me being removed from life-support and having a trachy, as positive - which it proved to be.

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Millybh35 in reply to Sepsur

Oh wow, you certainly went through an ordeal.

You poor soul, and Im feeling what your wife was seeing, it literally is heartbreaking and the fact we have no control over it is one of the hardest things I have had to go thru.

Is scary when the phone rings as you dont no if its going to be a good or bad call.

Now knowing what you have been through gives me hope!!


Ps- do you no how long you can actually be in an induced coma for?

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Sepsur in reply to Millybh35

Have a look at - you may find answers there. My wife had atleast 8 episodes where they said I wouldnt survive night - including telephone calls in the night. There maybe an ICUsteps meeting near you - you'll find lots of people have experienced what you have and have come out the other side. I hope all improves for you both - most people survive ICU.

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Millybh35 in reply to Sepsur

Thank you.

Im in australia. I will look i to that hotline here!

Oh wow 8 episodes! Im just abit lost and she is an induced coma and stabke then next statement is we should consider taking off life support. It just didnt make sense and still doesnt.

I guess it all comes down to the will to live!!

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Leab2017 in reply to Millybh35

Don't withdraw treatment give her a little bit more time

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Millybh35 in reply to Leab2017

Thanks Leahb,

I will give her all the time she needs but her family have to be of agreement also!

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Sepsur in reply to Millybh35

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Gbenga in reply to Sepsur

My wife went through Trachy today successfully and with the plan to be off sedation tomorrow. But yesterday after some hours of sedation withdrawal she started yawning and later in the night having silent coughing. What does this imply? Is this a sign that she's gradually waking up after two weeks of sedation? Please advise me on this

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Millybh35 in reply to Gbenga


Start your own post with all your questions in re to trachy etc.....that might help!!!

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Gbenga in reply to Millybh35

Thank you Milly. Though the Trachy was just fixed today. I will share my experience after about three days.

Some of the nurses called me Lazarus or miracle man - a nurse, later, said to my best friend - that it was the force of my personality that pulled me through. The ICU staff can only keep your loved one alive - long enough for them to do the hard work themselves, you have to be able to stand on your own two feet, metaphorically speaking, for recovery to be sustainable. Each one of us that survives deep trauma - proves that it is possible. We have a Facebook page - ICUsteps Chester - we have tried to put useful articles for expatients & relatives.

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Millybh35 in reply to Sepsur

Totally agree...i believe its the strength within that gets you through!!

I will have a read.. thank you!

I will also be ringing hotline for more information.

Thank you for your story


I believe your classed as critical if your still on a ventilator as that's breathing for you/ helping you to breath, my brother spent 8 days in a coma after a severe head injury he is still not fully conscious yet but is starting to try and pull the tracky out moving arms on request blinking etc , your partner has been sleeping a long time but try and look at it that she is healing , talk to her don't stop play her favourite music don't give up hope my brothers heart rate always shot up on the monitor when we used to talk to him and his eyes would move behind his eyelids, I believe they can hear you! I am sending prayers your way I hope she opens her eyes soon

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Millybh35 in reply to Leab2017

She is on ventilator and tubes and wires coming from everywhere.

She has been classified as stable but obviously still in induced coma which tells me without being induced she is not good.

Do you believe that they hear you?

One part of me thinks and hopes they do hear you, then theres the other part is maybe they not!!

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Leab2017 in reply to Millybh35

I believe my brother could hear me his heart rate went up everytime I spoke

I was in an induced coma for 15 day and when I woke up my family told me things they said to me while I was asleep that rang bells . When I put 2 and 2 together I realised I thought I was dreaming. Turns out I could hear them

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Lynn2010 in reply to Millybh35

I was in an induced coma for 5 weeks, my husband visited twice a day but my children probably once a week. I remember 'dreams' where my children were lost in the hospital. I believe that's because I heard my husbands voice more often than my children.

Thanks Friz,

I will be giving the hotline a call.

Its really hard regards asking questions as sometimes it feels like there in no time.

Thanks for forwarding my questions

As @Leab2017 said also - keep talking. Many of the people that featured in my dreams were those sitting around my bedside. I would 'wake up' to my daughter's voice.

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Millybh35 in reply to Sepsur subconsciously you would wake to your daughters voice

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Sepsur in reply to Millybh35

Yes I'd open my eyes apparently

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Millybh35 in reply to Sepsur

Oh wow.....thats beautiful

Hi..I was in Australia in Queensland actually...on life support...for a month,some years ago now.I wasn't expected to make it, but I did.I had Sepsis and lungs shut down.I heard people yes indeed. Hang in there please.There is hope.I'm living,walking hope.I was in ICU a month.Yes I had to walk and talk again, but I did it.I survived, when I wasn't meant to.

If your in ICU your status is very critical anyhow, because of where you are...but it sounds like things are going okay you know...

They have much medication to help these days..and nurses 12 hourly for us...our own nurses to watch over us, like Angels...I had a teddy bear brought in, I named it Angel and was fiercely protective of her when I came out of my Induced

I was very combative too. Pulling at my tubes,i put up a big fight.

Talk to your loved on,touch your loved one,gently and nice soft voice too...we hear, we do.You must know we hear..mostly,,play their music they love, not too loud has to be a gentle atmosphere,laugh..everything..

Let them know what's happening cause I didn't know what really was going mum didn't explain nor now I'm out of the induced coma, I know what would have worked and more so.

I wish you the best...Music,gentle voice,touch,gentle reassurance.Smells,familiar smells...

Be yourself,and the more you say all will be ok, the better it will turn out..I know that..

When I knew nothing I was scared..Now I know what I know..I know one must communicate with love and reassurance....

I'm really good problems and survived and wasn't ever expected to..

I Pray for you both..hang on to hope and favourite words,throughout my time awake in ICU, then back in the coma, I heard the Drs and Nurses talking...

I live today, with Hope and Faith, as I have different struggles..I know I will and can get through these...because I got through this incredibly hard time,I survived this....Hang on to the Hope and Faith.....okay.....

Take good care...and God will take care of the rest....☺🙏🙏💜💜

Just to let you know..I have Cirrhosis of the CAN, regrow a liver.,it's the largest organ inthe body..well 2nd is first.The liver is amazing,,it can regrow...or there's Transplants...You can actually live without a spleen..and get injections as platelets drop, and truly one can live without a problems..I know all this cause of my end stage liver one can rest in the induced coma...whilst the best surgeons work on all that..

I know so..

I trust in God too....things sound good of what Drs are saying..and because I have been in ICU on life support and I now suffer from Liver Disease..and a Splenic Artery Aneurysm.

I wish nothing but the best..I know your scared...but I believe things will turn out what the Drs are saying..Gee they were good to me in Queensland ICU in Aussie...somhang in there tight okay....God Bless ☺🙏🙏👀💜💜

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Millybh35 in reply to section501

That is great that you made a full recovery. Struggles that you still face might be there BUT you are alive and breathing and prayers were answered.

Thank you so much for your kind words!!

Scared is an understatement to what I feel.

I have never spoken to god so much.

Once again thank you for your kind words!


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