A minute ago BBC Radio Bristol phoned me to talk about my stroke on air

Hi I mentioned to the BBC Radio Bristol about Hughes Syndrome in the John Darvall programme.

They were doing a program about young stroke survivors relating the story to Andrew Marr's stroke.

They where impressed about my massive stroke and then my heart attack (where I nearly died).

The interview was short and I couldn't say as much as I wanted but gave statistics and mentioned Hughes Syndrome.

If someone heard it it wasn't my best interview but I tried my best.


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  • Well Done you! Any exposure is better than none at all so thank you for what you did! :-D

  • Hi there, well done...thank you for doing this, every plug like this is useful. Mary F x

  • Thank you. Very brave of you, I bet it will be useful to a lot of people and might even save a few lives

  • Thank you Dani! Always a STAR :)

  • Well done Dani. I hope you will come back to sing in my choir soon too.

    Dave xx

  • Well done for raising the profile :)

  • Good job. It was very brave of you. Thanks for getting it out there, one, more, time.

  • Fame at last Dani ! Well done you must have been nervous but you did us all proud. :)

  • Well done Dani. Thanks for speaking out for all of us x

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