First draft of my newspaper article received today!!!

Hya all, Ive just received my draft of my newspaper article,and im very pleased - they have managed to compact my lengthy history in to a few paragraphs and they have in return for my story plugged hughes syndrome, and not only mentioned about the eye problems but the fact that i believe every pregnant woman should be tested for it due to the pregnancy complications - we await my photo-at that point it may be rejected ha!! x

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  • Brilliant news, this will will reach lots of people, doing something like this. I look forward to seeing it. MaryF x

  • Well Done Emma. I look forward to seeing it too. Im sure it will do a lot of good and thank you for raising awareness. x

  • Thanks Emma from across the pond here in N.H. hope some one puts it up on here so i can copy -- { print } it and use it here. great job ------ Flipper again -- JET -- HORRAY

  • Well done Emma!! Hope I can see it in Sweden soon.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • This is great looking forward to reading it.

  • Im sure admin will put it on here for me when its done x

  • I/we most certainly will, and I will also pass it over to the charity to for them to use also, plus it will probably make itself out to various APS social networking groups... just give me a nudge when it is ready. MaryF x

  • great x

  • Well done, every bit of raising awareness helps :) brill x

  • Super well done x

  • The draft looks great Emma - do let me know when it's published so I can put it on Facebook etc. Quite a scary ordeal you've been through, but thank god for Specsavers! Kx

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