HAPPY BIRTHDAY Professor Graham Hughes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Professor Graham Hughes

Happy Birthday to Professor Hughes today! Wishing him all the best from our forum! Hoping that wherever he is today.... that somewhere a celebration is taking place.


ps about Professor Graham Hughes:

Consultant Rheumatologist, Head of London Lupus Centre

Professor Graham Hughes

Professor Graham Hughes

Consultant Rheumatologist, Head of London Lupus Centre

Lupus Rheumatology

Professor Graham Hughes trained and qualified at The London Hospital.

In 1969 - 1970 he spent two years Postgraduate Fellowship in New York at the Rheumatology & Lupus Centre of Dr Charles Christian.

Professor Hughes became a Consultant Physician at Hammersmith Hospital where he set up Europe’s first dedicated Lupus Clinic in 1973.

In 1983 he described the clotting disorder now known as Hughes Syndrome. In 1985 he set up the Lupus Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital.

In 1993 he received the World Rheumatology (ILAR) Research Prize for the description of Hughes Syndrome.

He is a member of the American Lupus “Hall of Fame, and Doctor Honoris Causa at the Universities of Marseille and Barcelona, a Master of the American College of Rheumatology and founder and editor of the International Journal LUPUS .

Special interests

Hughes Syndrome, Lupus, General Rheumatology

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  • Many Happy Returns! I hope your day is full of joy and you take the time to rest for once!!


  • I second that. MaryF

  • Oh, we have the same birthday. how exciting!

  • I hope you have an equally good day. MaryF

  • Yes Happy Birthday Ann! I too am from Long IslandcNY!

  • Thanks Mary. It's also Thanksgiving here and my brother is coming, but I'm feeling poorly. I'll hope my meds perk me up!

    Happy birthday to dr. Hughes. He is my favorite person I've never met.

    I'm glad someone with the same birthday has helped so many of you.

  • Thanks he certainly has. MaryF


    What had happened to me if you had not lived........ thank you Professor Hughes for your work!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • What a lovely thing to say, and the right day to say it. MaryF

  • I second everything that Kerstin has said, this wonderful man's working life saves our lives and for that I am so grateful. Happy Birthday Professor!

  • Very true. MaryF

  • Happy birthday professor Hughes xx

  • I notice lots of other messages going on, elsewhere on line from people also. MaryF

  • Happy (belated) birthday Professor Hughes. Thank goodness for you and your hard work. Love from Hayley xx

  • Great stuff, MaryF

  • Happy Birthday Professor HHughs! I'm greatful for you and this web site! I'm newly DX'd and find u Brilliant and amazingly helpful! Have a great day! Be well and God Bless You!!!

  • Nice feedback. MaryF

  • Happy Birthday and a HUGE thank you Professor Hughes. You diagnosed me in 1976 with Lupus at Hammersmith Hospital. Without your help, I wouldn't be able to send birthday wishes to you today. Kate Langsman xx

  • Nice feedback and so typical for so many people. MaryF

  • A truly great man. Happy Birthday.

  • Agreed. MaryF

  • Happy day! Thank you for being so smart too!

  • May your day be peaceful yet eloquent have a wonderful Birthday🎂

  • Thank you for your dedication to this disease. Hopefully a cure will be found soon.👀

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