Just diagnosed and pregnant (again)

Hey everyone! I'm 30 and just have been diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome. I had a stroke 5 years ago and 2 pregnancies that didn't go well.

I am thinking about going to the The London Lupus Centre in London Bridge Hospital, although I live abroad. Can anyone recommend me a doctor? I've heard of Dr. Patrick Gordon, Dr Arvind Kaul and Dr. Natasha Jordan. It seems like Dr. Hughes does not accept new patients.

Thank you so much!

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  • I see Dr Kaul who is excellent . A lovely and understanding Dr who listen to you . He certainly worth considering if you're looking to see one of the recommended specialist. Hope this helps good luck

  • Hi Carol, thank you so much for your recommendation! :) All the best!

  • As you are pregnant (Congratulations) you may be better seeing one of the listed obstetrician .You can check the list on the APS website

  • Ah great! I'm going to check that. Hope it all goes well this time! :)

  • Our list of consultants is on the right hand of the forum under pinned posts, MaryF

  • I saw raj rai at st Mary's in London who is a specialist in pregnancy and Hughes and without whom I am sure I would not have my little girl. Wishing you all the very best. X

  • I was going to suggest Raj Rai as its a pregnancy specialist you need. Alternatively you could see someone like Prof Cohen who can co manage you with a specialist gyny.

  • Thank you!

  • Welcome, It is a good idea to visit the centre, many from abroad on this forum, regularly do this. People will tell you have they have seen at that clinic MaryF

  • Travelling during pregnancy makes me a little nervous. I'm going to see an internal medicine doctor in August and see what she recommends! But after the pregnancy I'll go to the center for sure...

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