Is a diet low in Vitamin K needed when on aspirin only or does this just affect those on warfarin?

I found the info sheets for low, medium and high vit K foods on this site and also found to my dismay that my diet is full of the high stuff, lots of watercress, soya etc. Now, I only take one 75mg aspirin daily and wondered if my diet would affect the aspirin in the same way that it does with warfarin. Anyone know?

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  • as far as im aware aspirin is an anti platelet drug , while warfarin is an anti coagulant which works on vitamin k , which is involved in the clotting process , so my guess is that it only affects you when on warfarin . hope this helps

  • Hi there, I am on aspirin twice a day, and my diet is full of vitamin K probably, although my consumption of wide range of vegetables and salad is stable per day, and I don't think it is a problem with aspirin, but definitely warfarin and vitamin K is a problem needing daily thought with diet. Mary F x

  • It's only when on warfarin that vitamin K is relevant. This s because warfarin is an anti coagulant and vitamin K is a coagulant.

    You can have vitamin K on warfarin but the intake has to be balanced so the warfarin dose can accommodate that intake.

    I was told the only never ever food is cranberry juice.

  • ... and grapefruit. It messes up the metabolism of warfarin, I think.

  • When my husband saw a heamotologist and asked about veg and stuff he was quite dismissivley told 'eat what you like'. Not very helpful as his INR goes up and down like a yo-yo.

    By the way, after being 1.1 (should be 2.5) two times ago his dose was upped and the next reading was 2.3. He was told to wait another 4 weeks for next blood test which he had yesterday. Now 2.8 he has been told to wait 10 weeks for his next test. Is this a normal wait? It seems an awfully long time when the INR is going up quite rapidly.

  • I self test once a week, but more often if unstable. I used to go to local hospital clinic, but never got beyond two or three weeks without a test. By the way, just seen my doctor at St Thomas's and she confirmed INR target for Hughes at 3.5 to 4. Is there any medical reason why your husbands target is so low?Stella

  • Many thanks for your responses, it has put my mind at rest.

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