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Going to self test today & I have some new arrivals !!

Going to self test today & I have some new arrivals !!

Not feeling too good over the last few days.....I know it could have been because of the gigs at the weekend......late nights & a lot of travelling.

I'm going to self test in a will be the 1st time I've done it...I'm aware it may be out a bit, but just want to see if it's gone too high now!!

I feel like I've been ran I feel everything is a huge effort & bruised? also I'm getting pains in my back which usually means kidney or bladder infection with me!

Not been doing too much yesterday & today, trying to rest the best way I can, but when you are the only one to do things around the house & of course my beloved animals what am I suppose to do?!

I'm ok, I just do a bit at a time, I have just been given 2 more bunnies a home with us as they needed help, 2 female ferrets are coming tomorrow too! there was 4 ferrets in total but another shelter is going to have them as I cant really interact boys in with mine...they will fight with the other males.

I've put an image of the 2 bunnies (made Christmassy!) I've taken in, the one on the left is a female that looks more like a guinea-pig! the one on the right is a male called Lucky & had broken 1 of his front legs when little! so it's all bent up as it wasn't splintered by the look of it! but both have lovely temperments! :)

The female needs a name....any ideas?!!

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Hi Sue

Hope the test went ok and you now recovering from the gigs sounds like you had fun.

YEAH new recruits lol they look great sue very cute and i know they will be looked after and loved



Yep they are :)

There were no animals hurt in the making of this photo................hats are photo shopped in!!'s too early for them to go through ' Sue's photo shoots ' !!

They seem to be settling fine, eating well etc :)

2 ferrets coming later, settle them in too.


How about Mocha for a name - brown with a white bit on top reminds me of my coffee! Or Chino perhaps .....


Like it!! it's in the lead at the mo' !!


Oh I tried to self test...used 2 strips....didn't get a reading...must have done it wrong, so instead of wasting any more I 've made an appointment at the gp's for a test :(

I'll try again another time.


Hi Sue and welcome to our new furry friends.

I like Mocha as well very topical as you are always off to Costa Coffee!

Take care and don't get too stressed about the self testing it always takes time to use new things especially when we are Hughes bonces!



true!! could be a winning know me so well :) xx


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