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Waking up & feeling like I've been hit by a bus?!!

Waking up & feeling like I've been hit by a bus?!!

I thought you might like this image!!

I went on a 1 & 1/2 trip each way with one of my brother's to see our other brother yesterday, all we did was have dinner & play cards......& when I woke up this morning I couldn't move without everything really hurting & stiff?!! my head wouldn't let me either it was as if it kept shutting down ?! ( more than usual!! )

Now I've had this before....& like I've said before I find that when I keep moving & doing stuff (including the gym) it seems to help my joints etc.....I get like this when I've been on holiday what I'm thinking is could it be the 'drive' there & back or could it / or also be the 'not doing much' ? that can cause us to worsen for a period of time??!!

Do any of you also find that this happens in similar incidents?

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This is quite familiar to people. Travel on bus, or car or in plane, makes me feel diabolical. Train is best of me, as I tend to walk around! Hope you feel better soon, although of course via planes I normally pick up really concentrated virus due to lack of clean recycled air! Hope you feel better soon!. MF x


Thankyou Mary, I've been struggling today but I've cleaned & fed all the critters as I still have to carry on regardless! I suppose it's what keeps me going sometimes.....

I shall be chilling this evening & have an early night & see if that helps, Sue x


Yes I am just about to tackle a marathon of bed changing... which usually finishes me off, (two children with nasty virus), then a good hot fire for me tonight ! x


weell suz- they always say { uswe it or lose it} , i feel the same as they dont want be doing anything rite now?? if i ask about getting on with things,{ as im a hyper person anyways } i get the im not sure with the a.v.n. and if you should???? i walked to the bar about a month ago and my hipps were sore for days after. i think im going to see if they will prescribe phyical therapy- they have it in the same place i go to see one of my specialist- shawna, maybe they would be more accepting of this all if i was being supervised?? ive seen the gals that work there {wow} i know my heart rate will surely increase a bit and at 105 it should be god for my heart- if not ego. a- ha. may be more activities is the answer you seek- what do you think-our princess of light or as sheena puts it our{ outlaw} cant wait to read this responce____ pauper jet

Reply are the one for winding the nurses up arn't you?!! I've got a vision coming through of you......remember the Benny Hill scene where he's chasing those ladies around with the silly music in the background?!!............

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Phyical therapy could be good for many......I've often thought about that, I'll stick to my gym routine for now

........hit by a bus princess of darkness!....Sue


Hey did you like the image Jet?!!!


Hi suzi

so sorry you feeling so rough. :-(

Travelling always does the same to me. I was supposed to drive this afternoon to fetch Jess. Couldn't do it felt so dizzy and nauseaus. :-(

Hope you feeling better soon hon. :-)

I see the same with regards the pauper jet!!! Tune from Benny Hill clips gonna be running through my head all night. :-) :-) gentle hugs the outlaw sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

Take care all gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx Take:-) :-) :-)


Hugs Sheena, hope you're ok soon hun, yep I can't get that tune outta my head now!!:) xxxx


o well -i just wrote a BIG reply , and lost it , (&&^#$$)_)**&^%E^&*, now that i got that out my system , !?:{$! , ok here we go- the benny thing ,now is in my mind also ,accept he has more hair, and moves alot faster than i , accept if they speed up the action, being a man of 105 , he would think so to, boy arent those brit nurses something else, boy im still contemplating an ocean swim. suzy you are suppost to ride the bus, not challenge it?? or maybe you should pick a bus with better suspension??? easyer on your frame?? so you gals think i should not go to theraphy, or maybe the old folks home for the over anxious, youthful feeling hughie with over excited imagination, some day some where i will hopefully find a person that truly understands my compasion, other than my accountent, or the i.r.s. o boy cant one dream , or is the imagination taxes able --- ok im waiting -------------------- just humble me


Hi jet

I have to say no to therapy, don't change a thing. You great just as you are. Hughes syndrome and a zany sense of humour go together, in fact it may even be another symptom.

Sometimes being crackers gets me through the day,

I hope you meet someone as crazy as you,

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


All i will say is Suzy you know we here for you hun if you need anything and Jet i now have benny hill running through my head and i agree a little bit of madness does you good especially when most of us are told its in are head anny way as they say if you cannot beat them join them and i am sorry nurses are not that happy as they are in the benny hill sketch !!!!



ha suzy - are your rabbits still breaking down the doors to thier cages????????-- or have you taken them off the steriods- i really dont know just what you do with the animals , but im sure its ok , thanks jet ---spca?


i got to tell you guys somthing that very important to me: i am so glad that i have had the honor of meeting you , even if i never had the problems i did to start this off. i guess all i can say as it was put so truthfully , with such compassion , honesty , and understanding------------- enough-----------to all you lovely people in OUR group!!!!!!!!----------- me


i really think in all seriousness, if the doc wont let me start doing something im just going to gain more weight, i never got back down to my usual 173--- im still bounsing around 181 to184-- but by not being active im not going to get back down as it is now i have to jump from bedpost to get into my jeans, and a comlong to button them ,with a bit of a jig dance, i now realize what the women feel to get into them skin tight pants--- i guess they thank god for spandex ---------------------------- just plump me!!!!!!!!


Lol Jet!! :)

Dont lose your sense of humor!!!

I really didn't need that vision of you jumping off the bed post into your jeans & then doing a wiggle dance!!!!! :)

As for the bunnies!!!.....well Jack yet again broke out the females...but only the 2 youngest ones??!!!! I just hope he was a gentleman.....yeah right!!!!

Hes now in isolation!!!!

Go for the physio therapy as it should help you the same as the gym does me?! anythings worth a go......

Oh I did the same as you Jet ( qhdcv784tk4jnvkiufv,) I had to write this twice as lost the 1st one!! :)

I know we have each other to talk to & cheer up.......we have Hughes madness!! :) hugs to you all x


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