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Nuerosphycologist appointment

Went yesterday for 6 hour appointment which consisted of numerous tests. Some where ok the recall/rembering ones I did really bad on. Have to go back in month for the results but she did say i think you already know where you problems are!!! but she said when i go back they will come up with some exercises to help me try and improve my memory if possible.

Iam so tired today my brian wont work at all...

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I think I have all that to look forward to as I have just been referred to have memory etc tests done. Waiting for the appointment to come through. ''''lets hopethat the exercises they set help. x



That's the kind of neurologist mine is. I've had tests, although not as extensive as yours. It sounds exhausting. Mine has helped me, I have lots of neuro problems and my memory is better since seeing him.

I do certain games on computer which have really helped my brain.

Best of luck to you!



Hi I have had these tests to one at queens square and another at StThomas's where I also had counselling, she came up with really good ideas and made me feel a lot better. Hopefully I am going again soon. My Husband is finding it very difficult, really hard to see someone who had an excellent memory, loosing it.

I know she said exercise is good for the brain

Good luck


Hi there, I am really pleased for you that you have had some appointments, going in the right direction, and that you feel good about them. Please keep us posted as to how the various things they suggest go, as it is useful for us all on here to be kept in the loop. Thank you. Mary F x


I've done brain games on my computer every day since I had my stroke ten years ago There are three I would recommend that usually offer a one week free trial. Do the trial. See if you are quicker by the end of the week. I was. Now I enjoy them. There are the free games on AARP.com, lumosity.com/brain-games, aarp.org/Brain-Health-Sweeps, braintivity.com,www.proprof... Also, google brain games and a wealth of advertisers comes up. I believe they help alot. Like the lost art of reading. I used to read 3 to 4 books a week. Murder, suspense, magic. Now, my concentration will only let me read a book a week - if I am lucky and focused. But the more I read the more I read. I have had trouble with my eyes lately so no reading for me and I miss it.

Sharon show neurologist some of the games above and ask him which type would be most beneficial to you? Memory, synonms(my spell check doesn't work on this forum), whatever they offer that would apply to your particular weaks spots. My attention improved greatly. I can't recommend it highly enough. Good luck.

Warm wishes,



Thanks everyone for your comments. Canary I use to love reading but if theres more than 2-3 characters I get lost and have to constantly re-read pages so I give up. They where testing me for dementia as one of the con ditions I have Sneddons syndrome is progressive and can lead to dementia. Hopefully its not and just the damage from stroke.

sharon x


I was like that right after my stroke. Forgetting characters and losing the thread of the plot. But the more I practiced the memory games the greater my memory in books and newspapers was getting. It was like the more aquatherapy I did, the better my body got. The more memory games I did, the better my tolerance for longevity was, Also, I didn't give up. I just adjusted my goals to be realistic. For example, I'd start with only a few pages. The next week (or when ever I noticed improvement) I'd increase it to a chapter. I picked my time of day when I was most alert. I'd have a cup of coffee or tea to try to stay alert. I sat at a table as one would at a library so I couldn't get too comfy in my chair. Slowly, but surely I'd increase my goal.

I'll tell you a secret. There is a game for pre-schoolers and up. I believe it is called Memory. It's a $5 board game where you flip little cards with pictures on them over trying to remember the first card's match. Whomever gets the most pairs - wins. You can play alone or with some one else. That helped. I made myself do it at least 1/2 hour a day.

One thing I realized right away was that it was the act of remembering not what one remembered that exercised the elasticity of the brain. Also, Perfection for elementary school age (Grades 0-8) and Superfection (higher learning level and pretty hard). Milton Bradley is the manufacturer I believe. These games are not only fun for you they are fun to play with a friend. You can find them at ToysRUs. I don't know if they have that store in the UK but I am certain they can be found in London. FAO Schwartz? My husband and I play the easier game of Perfection as its shorter and more fun for us. We don't want to work at it too hard. Anyway, it makes for a little friendly competition and is great therapy as well. Perfection is matching shapes. There is a timer going the whole time you are trying to get the right part in the fitting hole, a star in the star hole, a circle in the circle hole, a square in a square hole for 60 seconds and then POP! the timer goes off and all the pieces pop up in the air out of their designated place. Whomever matches the most in the least time wins. Try these just a few weeks. If you love reading as much as I do, it is well worth the exercises to get back to it. I'd love to know what you think. You might even take them with to your next appointment and ask if these would be particularly useful for your deficit. My neurologist thought I struck gold and and now recommends these games to many of his stroke patients. I hope they help you.

Warm wishes and lots of fun.



Thanks Canary for your suggestions sorry took so long to reply laptop not working and couldnt remeber password to .get on this site on my kindle.

had results back yesterday regarding cognitive testing, most where below average one borderline but consultant said considering number of strokes,tias she was pleased with result and does think all problems are result of strokes so very happy about that. Got to go back in a year and they will repeat the tests.

Consultant sending leaflets giving my ideas to help. Sharon x


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