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hematologist appointment

Hi everyone.

had my second appointment this week.

Week positive result , my consultant said she would have confirmed APS anyway as I had the right history. ( miscarriages and DVT in armpit.)

When I explained about my memory problems, forgetfulness, word confusion , she referred me for an MRI.

Heavy periods even with coil, referred for ablation. So really pleased with outcome.

She also explained that a syndrome is when doctors know what the problem is but can't cure it!

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As i understand you had Apixaban before you had met with an APS-doctor and was diagnosed. Is that correct?

Do you still have the APS-symptoms after you were anticoagulated?

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi. Have been on rivaroxaban since the dvt last May. 6 weeks after the event, I met this consultant. After taking my history, she initiated all the tests. Before that my go had been treating me for depression.

As the periods have been so bad, all my symptoms of fatigue,(depression)forgetfulness/word confusion are about the same. Lots of my sore joints /headaches have improved since starting ooh can't remember the name, but the anti malaria drug 400mg.


Good result.

Best wishes.



Glad you appointments have come up trumps for you, keep us posted, well done. MaryF


Ok. I said wrong. You are on Rivaroxaban. I know nothing about the new anticoagulation-drugs. Do you take more and sometimes less of them. I do not know if it is as with warfarin where you have to been in range to feel better.

You will see that everything will be sorted soon and then you will feel much better. It is so much happening just now but you have just had a positive meeting with your doctor.



Yes a good meeting with a nhs consultant. It just shows that APS is now on their radar.


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