Appointment with a Urologist


I was called today after an urgent request for an appointment was asked for by my g.p.

I had an ultrasound scan on my kidneys and bladder on the 27th August and when I saw my g.p yesterday she told me the results had come through. The findings were a small cyst on my left kidney and an enlarged right kidney. She also told me that I was retaining a percentage of urine after I had been to the loo. Unsure if I have been referred to the correct person though?

My appointment as been set for next Friday. The man on the phone setting the apt stated that there were four things on the referral but I was only told of three so my mind is going into overdrive although I know I'm probably worrying unnecessarily.

I was recently told I had APS at London Bridge and now thinking what is happening is connected. Not on any meds yet and waiting for the go ahead to go back to London under the NHS.

Does anyone know if a urologist is the best medical person for these sort of symptoms. I know we're not medically trained but if anyone as been through the same sort of thing who were you referred too please?

Take care and thank you in advance for any replies xxx

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  • Hi

    I would have thought a urologist was exactly the right person. I saw one when I had similar issues.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Dave. Thank you. That's reassuring. Had a panic thinking it was the wrong person to see. Take care.

  • Good luck.


  • Thank you x

  • Hi there, a Urologist is certainly the right person and you can certainly bring up the subject of Hughes Syndrome/APS with them. MaryF

  • Thank you Mary. I will do xx

  • I have kidney issues and APS. I've seen a urologist for my kidney issues. I'd recommend finding one either in the same hospital or who knows whoever is managing your APS. My urologist and hematologist confer on my course of treatment in regard to my kidneys.

  • Thank you Holley. I have spoken to the Professor who will manage the APS who as asked I let the Urologist know to send him the notes.

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