Do dietary vitamin k levels matter for someone on clopidogrel?

Having seen references to people on warfarin not being able to eat veggies etc high in vitamin k, it's got me a bit concerned. I'm on a special elimination diet for autoimmune diseases and it's high in veggies. If I have to restrict my vitamin k intake, then it'll make the diet even more restrictive. Do I need to be concerned about this on clopidogrel?



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  • No Susie - vitamin K only has to be restricted if you're taking warfarin. This is because warfarin works in a different way to clopidogrel, aspirin and heparin.

    Hopefully, if the Rivaroxaban trials are successful, then no one will have to worry what they eat ... but that's some way off yet.

  • Thanks so much for that Kate, that's very reassuring. What about the other way round ie there's some supplements that my nutritionist would like to recommend to me that are food based but are naturally blood thinners ie oil of oregano and fish oils. Do you think it would be a problem to have them, or is that something I need to check with Prof K when I next see him?

  • I would probably check first before taking any of those supplements with Clopidogrel.

  • You can ask your pharmacist to look it up for you.They have access to some databases that list all known interactions. They also can have good understanding of how each drug works.your nutritionist should also know how the supplements work and which drugs they interact with.I am in heparin was given assurances by the pharmacist that it was safe to take fish oil with it. Dr Khamashta was very positive about my taking herbs and supplements so long as I have checked that t hey are safe. It is important to talk to him about it. It is important for him to know what you take and it means you can tell anyone who queries it that you have his approval. This is helpful with friends famly or other doctors or are either anxious or disapproving of your use of anything other than medicine. I have found that the fish oils help. All the best Ann

  • Thanks Ann, that's really helpful. Do you mind me asking, what symptoms have you found the fish oil has helped with? I want to take it to help low mood. I read a book about it, which was fascinating, because it said in depression, the phospholipid layer in the brain is too thin and high dose fish oils work by building it up (v basic summary!). There surely must be a link between APS and depression for those of us Hughesies that suffer.

  • I don't know about a specific link with APS but there has been some research with Prof Puri and fish oils with depression. I went to one of his lectures which was really interesting.

    Vegepa capsules are very good and have the kinds of oils that are good for depression as it has been used in some trials. I contacted them about using with Heparin and they said it was ok but to only use so many capsules (cant remember for the moment). Here is a link to their website.

  • Those are the ones I've got which I was taking before my APS diagnosis. I'll email them about dose with clopidogrel. I'll update here if I get anywhere. Yes, it was Prof Puri's book I read :) Thanks!

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