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Painfull fingers, hand and toes, Anyone else?

I have them sharp needle / stinging pains in my left fingers again (2 off them) the white hard lumps in my hand have now made the left outside edge of my hand numb, its got worse this year and I now have stinging in my left little toe. No one has been able to say what this is but I presume its to do with APS.

Only just over a week to go before I have my annual checkup at St T. I do hope that answers can be found. My GP last year said not to do anything surgery wise until I can not use my hand / fingers as there is always a risk with surgery, I saw his point of view, it made sense.

I can rub my fingers but the pain dosnt go away, Went to sleep last night (tried) sting sting sting, woke and yeap sting, sting, sting.... arrggghhhh

I wonder if anyone else has this and been diagnosed? I would be grateful to know!



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I forgot to mention that my INR is bang on mid range at 4.5.


gadgets - i have resently been dia. with osteo athritis, compare- rheumatoid athritis it affects my fingers , hips, knees, feet . i know weather can have an effect . also vibrating thinks such as chain saw, weed whacker, hammer drill etc.i am a person that cant take most meds because of adverse reactions. i havnt been back to new rheumy yet, he has just run 26 tests , i will bring this up lets see what i getfor answers an i will try to rember to get back. if you may have a question i would be glad to ask , let me know bfn jet



The odd thing about this (an other forums I guess) is that you can discuss the smaller issues that i normally forget to raise with my doctor. However, I too have stingy toes, I have raynaud's but i know that affects my hands but the pain in my toes is very different. It is like having a hot needle in it - it really stings to the point that i take my shoes off and hold my toes, for my it passes relatively quickly but it is really sore when it hurts. I have to confess I have never mentioned it to the doctors because it seemed a little insignificant compared to the transplant.

So i can sympathise entirely but I can't offer any answers - sorry. Let's hope you get some anyways at Tommy's!

Take care



I managed to visit my GP this morning. I have something called Dupuytrens. I mentioned that I have only had this problem since having APS and that it is only my left hand and left little toe, my APS stroke was on the left side.

Coincidence or not?

Going to ask my specialist next week if its to do with APS or am I just unlucky. No one in my family has this.




let us know how things go with the consultant Garry.



Hi garry

I have weird pains inside arch of right foot, stingy pains in toes, slightest knock and my toes go black, have broken same two toes repeatedly, strange pains in fingers and colour changes in fingers. My gp says he suspects raynauds, I think more to it. Also horrendous cramps in feet, especially at night. Hands and feet go numb which is actually a relief from pain, but not good when try to stand up and can't feel my feet. My fella's nicknamed me wobbly bob! Nice eh! Gotta laugh else would go crazy! Or is that crazier!!!

I hope tommies can throw some light on this for you. Be interesting to hear if it linked.

I hope you well today.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Garry, Hope it's all eased a little now :(

For...what I can remember I havn't had it before...but last night I had what I can only describe as a pin stabbing my left arm whilst I was trying to sleep! it took me forever to drop off because of it, I got out of bed a couple of times & had a walk about!!

Let us know how you get on :)


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