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Hand pain and raised blood vessels?

Hi all, I'm still awaiting my appointment at St T's (early January thankfully) so haven't been formally diagnosed yet, but I have tested positive on antibodies, B2 Glycoprotein, and have been very symptomatic for at least 3 years looking back, with symptoms that come and go, and chenge frequently, no doubt a familiar story to most here.

My latest symptoms appear to be circulatory, apart from the light headedness, or fog that I've had everyday since this all started I have, in the last few weeks been waking up with my "pinkie" and ring finger on both hands numb, its gradually got worse, and now the entire hand is affected, and doesn't wake up for about an hour after I do.

I also have small veins in my fingers and palms appearing, looking very blue that I've never seen before, and my palms are a dusky pink colour with a mottled effect that comes and goes.

Also my hands go very white at times, yet go very red in the evening, and itch and burn when they turn red, the skin on my hands has also gone very tight, and appears to have lost some of its elasticity.

I know that other autoimmune diseases can accompany APS, and have long suspected some thyroid involvement (my PCT wont test T3 and T4 separately if the TSH is within range, which mine is), so I guess my question is does anyone else suffer similar symptoms with their APS, or should I be looking for another cause...

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Hi there, as well as APS Hughes look into this one.

and it is possible to have overlapping symptoms diseases! Good luck with your appointment - you are going to the right place, and they will have seen things like this before. Best Wishes Mary F


Hi Mary, and thanks for your reply,

I was diagnosed with Raynalds about 3 years ago, based on one thumbnail losing its colour when was cold, something which strangely doesn't happen now, but these symptoms appear to be constant, and not limited to any triggers such as cold or stress.

When I say diagnosed the doctor didn't do any tests, just listened to what I said and said you have Raynalds, in much the same way that they diagnosed me as type 2 diabetic on the basis of one HBA1C which was slightly elevated, probably as I was in hospital at the time with what now looks like an infection of some kind, although this was never diagnosed, and during my stay in hospital the dizzyness started, was reported to staff constantly for 3 days but again has never been diagnosed, but now I'm ranting : )



hi andy, my name is i was a runner girluntil.. i went to the pulmonologist on tuesday 12/7. i have a problem with my hands also. he said i have nodules on my metatarsals and also problem with my fingers. he said it was related to the lupus. thansk


Hi Andy,

I think many will agree that this is a common feature of APS. I have suffered the symptoms you describe for many years.

It sounds as though you may have Levido Reticularis (sometimes described as corned beef skin). I am sure that they will be able to enlighten you further when you go to St. T's

Hope your appointment goes well


i have the same and no answers after an EMG test, i have systemic lupus and hughes, they blame it on that and Raynauds.


Hi all, and thanks for your answers,

Being so new to all of this, and not yet properly diagnosed its a great help to be able to see if a symptom is possibly related or if I should be looking into other things, in this case it would appear then that this is a probable symptom of APS so I'll just monitor it and wait until my appointment and see what the doctors say,

Many thanks,



Again, I tend to concur with the others, I also have Lupus and APS and was diagnosed with Reynauds. Symptoms very similar to yours.

Good luck



Thanks once again : )

My Raynauds (if it is that) used to be limited to the nail bed of my left thumb, strangely that's the one I get the majority of small clots appearing under as well.

Also the colour change in my hands doesn't appear to be linked to temperature changes or stressfull situations as I've read that Reynauds is.

The last couple of days my hands have been particularly bad, going either dusky pink on the palms, a blueish mottled colour or just edging towards grey (all good fun), although I cant think of anything thats triggering them, although I've suffered some numbness in them and my biceps as well, as well as feeling generally unwell, still, these things are all sent to try us!!!



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