Dizziness, Numbness in left hand&fingers

Hi, I have been feeling dizzy all day it is worse when i move my head as in look up or down, I feel like I am being pulled backwards, when walking i seem to be falling to the side, I have now started to get numbness in my left hand & fingers. Anyone experience anything similar? should I be concerned, I feel fine otherwise I am not feeling unwell or anything. Thanks

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  • Emergency room immediately.

  • Hi there, if you have not done so already, please go and get seen urgently! This sounds like you are rather unwell to me. Do please let us know how it is going when you can. Mary F x

  • Hello, I had symptoms similar to yours for about 10 months after my son was born. I had pain, tingling and numbness in my left arm along with blindness in my right eye. Fortunately all my symptoms went away after a few months of plaquenil and warfarin. I do hope what you have isn't anything more serious that just symptoms of APS but from what I know now, I would have gone to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. Keep us posted and I hope you are well.

  • Hi follow the advice given by Mary, she knows what she's talking about, and get yourself checked out. Hope you're ok.

  • Sounds TIA like to me. Go to ER. Now.

  • You should be looked at just in case.......please...........

    Let us know how you get on.

    Depending on the degree of it it may be down to a low inr or tiredness......but it could also be a TIA symptom or something else.....we are not medical, we can only go by our own exoeriences....so better of getting it checked to be on the safe side hun x

  • Hi Everyone thank you all soo much for your replies, I went to my G.P. earlier this morning and he diagnosed a sinus infection, sounds a bit strange given my symptoms, he said the dizziness can be caused by this but couldn't explain the numbness in my hand he checked all my neurological responses and said they were all fine, I have suffered with sinus infection in the past but never had symptoms like this. the numbness in my left hand went away by about midnight last night and has stayed away thank goodness, the diziness has improved but still feel slightly dizzy and foggy. I am just going to see how I am over the next couple of days and if i get any worse or dizziness comes back I think I will go to A+E. Again thank you all for your responses x

  • Well, if you have numbness in you hand, obivously the neurological responses were NOT good. Here in the States, the symptoms you describe would have resulted in an immediate MRI of the brain or at minimum, an EMG.

    I had the same symptoms as you (right hand) 3 years ago and ignored it. 40 days later...massive stroke

  • sorry meant if the numbness comes back not dizziness

  • I have the same question about numbness. Several months ago The tip of my right toe became numb. About 3 weeks ago my foot on the right side then the left and my fingers on both hands became numb. Is this a normal systom of APS?

  • The dizzyness could be caused by many things...including Menieres disease which a lot of us seem to have....but the numbness is a worry.....if it persists keep pushing to get a thorough check done at hos' rather than docs maybe?

    Have you had your inr checked yet? could it be low ?..........as that can contribute to a lot of our symptoms we get?

    I have numbness in the ends of my fingers...they say mines down to Raynauds disease....which is also what a lot of us seem to get too......but mine hasn't spread to bigger body parts...such as hands / arms etc..........

    Keep us posted & I hope you are ok xx

  • Hi Suzypaws, numbness hasn't come back, thankfully, if it does I think i will just go straight to the hospital rather than doc. Still slightly dizzy though but much better since it started. thank you all for your replies x

  • Ok....we usually know our own bodies & know whats best, so keep an eye on yourself & keep us informed, take care xx

  • I have had this numbness in my fingers for about 6 years now and it comes and goes. I was referred to the hospital neurology department for nerve conduction tests and then diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which affects my hands and feet. My GP initially thought it might be carpal tunnel syndrome, so you may need to have that investigated too. There are certain things that can cause peripheral neuropathy like diabetes or vitamin B12 deficiency but with many people, like me, it is ‘idiopathic’, i.e. No obvious cause. I think that people with autoimmune conditions like APS, with impaired circulation to our extremities are more susceptible. Its just another annoying symptom we have to live with.

  • hi, I have pernicous anemia also (b12 deficiency) I hadn't put the numbess and that together that's really interesting. As i said to my G.P. the other day I have 4 other autoimmune diseases so it's hard to put symptoms down to anyone thing and a lot of them seem to overlap !!

  • Hi

    My GP first referred me to an orthapaedic consultant to check out the numbness and whether I had carpal tunnel syndrome and then when that was negative I was referred on to the Neurologist for nerve conduction tests. I was worried it was going to get alot worse but it hasnt, and although its annoying fiiddling to fasten jewellery and buttons, you can live with that. I became anaemic after heavy periods in the run up to the menopause and had distressing symptoms-the worst was tachycardia when my heart started racing up to 180 beats a minute and I felt faint and dizzy.My GP gave me a course of iron tablets and a course of zinc supplements and there was an improvement, but the best thing that happened was my last period and I havent had the tachycardia since then. I am surprised that your GP hasn't linked your symptoms to the anaemia and treated the pernicious anaemia that may well be causing them.

  • Hi there, im on treatment for the pernicous anemia but just injections every three months, but I should probably be getting my levels checked as i don't think I have had them done in quite a while, it all just so much to remember !! glad your tachycardia settled down I would imagine that could be quite frightening. I am just finished a course of iron myself and my levels were very low about 3 months ago again they couldn't explain why this had happened, the iron helped, but again I probably should get the levels checked.

  • I have had numbness and dizziness for years, it comes and goes. I have had all sorts of tests including MRI, but it just must be down to Hughes which I have also had for many years, before it was even known about. I was hospitilsed when I was 17 for numbness of my arms and legs I also had the rash. Then went on to have 8 miscarriages, later when I had TB, and was given streptomycin they blamed that. I was pleased when I was diagnosed APS because I felt I was not neurotic. I am now 68 and have Temporal Artritus and unstable diabetes. So having to see lots of Doctors but they do not treat me as if I am mad anymore.

    I also have an occlusion in my left eye, which is down to Hughes but they are doing all they can to save the sight, but I realise that I will have lost some sight.

  • Sorry to hear that Norris. Thinking about you and hoping that they are successful in saving some of your sight.

    Big Hug x

  • ER and INSIST on an MRI....went to the ER no MRI went home and had a stroke. INSIST on the MRI cant stress it enough...be well...Teresa

  • Yes, I have experienced this a number of times and I have since been told it was a TIA. I have had a lot of TIA's and am now disabled because I went for a long time with misdiagnoses.

    I suggest you contact one of your medical team direct who are dealing with your Hughes Syndrome if you have a direct line to them or go to accident and emergency.

    In my experience the GP visit isn't the best route for these things.

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