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small lump,size of pea,stings like crazy

have seen off the teen and the houseguests and am a bit calmer but this damn lump is stinging so much it kept me awake all night

Have had large cyst on inside of elbow for a year now and the y are seeing about removing it soon,however I have a new pea sized lump on my forearm which stings like billyho

when I showed it to GP (or rather let her feel it as it is not visible) she said it is probably another lipoma and it is being scanned in september

I have a double appyt at gp next week and I have asked gp to contact Dr Sangles secretary on my behalf as have lots new swelling, lots new pins/needles/numbness and a sting across my chest

so am happy (ish) to wait till next tuesday and discuss evertything with gp and ask her again to chase secretary if no word back, except for the niggling worry that this pea sized lump may be a clot and not a lipoma as it does dot feel at all like the other lipomas that i have had

Do clots sting? and can you feel them with your finger under the skin?

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Hi there, only had clots deep inside my legs! However please let us know how it goes, glad you have an appointment on the horizon! MaryF


Hi, just wondered why you have to wait for theGP to contact the secretary? If you know which hospital the Dr works at then just ring the switchboard and ask for his secretary. That's if you are in the UK.

Good luck!


sorry, forgot to mention, I have done this and left a message,the reason i asked my GP to do so is because exactly a year ago I was trying to get hold of my then consultant as I was very poorly,spent months leaving messages with secretary, messages on nurse answerphone, emailed secretary, nothing, so in the end I went privately.

I was told that I stand a better chance of someone getting back to me if my GP makes the call


Ok I can understand that as you have had problems. It is usually easy enough to get hold of secretaries but obviously not in your case. Have you ever contacted PALS when you have struggled to get hold of the secretary or consultant? They are usually a big help.


I have not contacted PALS ,would only do so as a last resort as in2007 I went through PALS and made an official complaint and the whole thing was time consuming exhausting a for a brief period frightening as I was struck off by my GP and found it difficult getting another,not a time I would like to re visit.

To clarify, when I had this problem last year I was able to contact the secretary easily enough, but the consultant did not get back to me, i spoke to the secretary on the phone and she said she was very surprised as he usually got back to people,mind you, this was during the period where the staff at ST t,s were busy moving over to Guys,so I think that may have had a lot to do with it


Spoke to secretary today,or at least the lady who is covering for the secretary whilst she is away,she is going to pass on a message and says if my appt can be brought forward I will receive a letter in the post


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