Does anyone else have TMD??

Hya all - another routine visit has ended in another diagnosis, TMD, does anyone else have this?? My right side of my jaw locked when I was 18,and recently my left side started to click and then locked for about 4 days and its been left the same as the other side. I got offered a referral to neck and head dept to try physio but I refused because ive tried physio and to no avail. i still do physio exercises at home and Tai Chi ive just started so theres no point (and very tired of hospital appts). Anybody have more info or experience of this? x

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  • Hi there, I don't have this, but do have a friend who does - and they have done very well doing the YouTube exercises designed for it... sorry I can't be of further help to you. Mary F x

  • Hello, I'm new to this community, but I am also connected to another community on this site - Thyroid UK. My work with them has revealed that there are many people with low thyroid (hypothyroidism) who have an unexpected variety of symptoms including TMJ problems. Have you had your thyroid checked recently? If getting your thyroid checked please remember that the tests used by the NHS are notoriously unreliable and OFTEN give false "normal" results. Jane

  • Yes, I personally know two people with diagnosed thyroid problems... who have this! I does seem to be very common amongst those with thyroid issues, and so many people with APS appear to later have sjogrens and thyroid issues, the trio of disease regularly brought up by Professor Hughes himself both written and spoken about.

    Mary F x

  • Hi all

    Yes I have had TMJ problems but these are usually sorted out by my cranial osteopath and I'm not sure that they are APS related at all, more likely to be due to stress induced muscle tightness.

    Best wishes.


  • Many people with our related syndromes suffer with this condition and for most it's caused by bruxisium which is grinding your teeth whist asleep. This can cause all sorts of issues especially when the jaw get really inflamed. A good dentist will be able to deal with this problem with not only making a mouth shield that can be worn at night to get to the root of the problem but also can send you to a dental pain specialist who will teach you exercises to help with the associated problems this condition brings.

  • My sister in law has severe TMJ, to the point that she has had surgery twice. TMJ is caused by grinding your teeth while you sleep.

  • I had TMJ and had to wear a mouthguard at night to stop me grinding my teeth at night, really helped. I also saw jerry Kwok at St Thomas Maxofacial Unit in London who was very good I take amptriylin to relax the muscles.

  • I just commented in another post. I had a mouth guard made at great expense by the dentist for this but can't wear it as it makes me want to throw up just having that sensation in my mouth ...yes I know I'm odd ....BUT my osteopath has given me some relief from it and even put my jaw back into alignment when it went completely out.

  • Yes, I had it for many years, I was referred to the Dental Hospital At RVI Newcastle and I had a bite guard fitted. I ground my teeth when I was asleep and I actually ground through the bite guard! Eventually with relaxation and meditation and stress reduction I managed to stop doing it.

    I have got hemiplegia and my muscles are very tense all the time and I think that may have contributed.

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