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Natural Killer Cells

Hi Ladies and Gents,

I have a question about NK Cells,

i have hughes syndrome and factor v leiden, i was diagnosed after 3 miscarriages by Mr Raj Rai at st marys, he suggested asprin, throxine, high dose of folic acid and clexane which i took in my next pregnancy but still ended in miscarriage, with my 5th preg i took all of the above + progesterone but am currently experiencing my 5th miscarriage :(

I have spent hours on the internet and have found info on NK cells and i was wondering if anuone with hughes also has had treatment for pregnancy with NK cells? Any success? Please help!!

Many thanks


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Hi there, I am so sorry you are having such an awful time, I think sooner rather than later, you will get a number of detailed replied from ladies on here you have had similarly stressful obstetric histories, I am guessing from your account here that you have thyroid difficulties also, which needs to be monitored as much as the APS, presumably Mr Raj is still helping you? I hope they can find some resolution for you. You are very brave, and I am so sorry that yet again you find yourself in such a difficult and upsetting position. Your personal research is definitely something you should raise with Mr Raj as he is obviously extremely up on treatments, and this is something you should ask about, he will probably know about this already. Please keep me/us posted and stay on here for some support whilst you go through this very difficult times. Best wishes. Mary F x


hi there.

i have hughes syndrome and leiden V and also my daughter has leiden V. she is pregnant and has been on anticoagulation injections since she was 8 weeks. she is now 6 months. fingers crossed. you need to go to a good haematologist and antiphospholipid specialist. Good luck and please dont give up home. Zoe


Hi Kim, I have factor v Leiden, Hughes & my NK cells were borderline needing the steroid treatment but when I found this out we had just conceived again. Thankfully my daughter was born safely in Feb.

Does dr raj raj test NK cells? I know Dr Shehata is "the one" to see for NK cells. It's his specialist interest I believe. He's at NHS Epsom/St Helier & has a private clinic in London. He saw me through my pregnancy & I was petrified but every time I saw him I felt a little bit better everything would be ok (for a couple of hours anyway!)

I'm so sad for you, just horrendous. Stay strong x


So sorry about Ur miscarriages, my thoughts and prayers are with you . I had to take two lovenox injections per day and a baby asprin with each pregnancy, and with high risk drs and weekly Dr apts , I have four healthy boys . Praying you will get through this


Sorry to hear about your 5th miscarriage - it really is tough and please remember to give yourself time to grieve properly.

NK cells can be suppressed by steroids - usually 5-10mg prednisolone. I am sure that Raj Rai will be aware of this treatment so please discuss it with him when you are ready to try again.


This was an old post but I wonder how it went for you? I have also miscarried with treatment and I'm going to test the nk cells and hopefully get a successfull treatment.


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