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Advice on Cold Medicines?

I have an annoying cold with cough. I spoke to a pharmacist this morning who said it was safe to take 'Day Nurse' and also 'Robitussin' cough medicine.

Both are paracetomol based but obviously have loads of other stuff in them which the pharmacist felt was safe tp take with Warfarin.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for 'safe' cold/cough remedies?

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paracetamol based is good. no ibuprofen or aspirin. I think a lemsip is ok.


Should have added to steam....head over a bowl of pretty hot water with a towel over your head. Can add drops of menthol or Friars Balsam is very good and helps clear the nose and chest.


Hi Stuart

Have picked up a cold, think gone straight to a chest infection (asthma), so havin hot baths, olbas oil on pillow, paracetamol, using honey to soothe throat and helpin with cough!

Hope you find what works for you, is miserable on top of everythin else.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxzz :-) :-) :-)


No.. Lemsip can contain ibuprofen, which is a no no for warfarin takers..

I have had a dry tickly cough since Saturday.. worse at night when I go to bed.. someone told me last night to chop an onion in half and leave on bedside cabinet.. I have to say my night couging was greatly improved.. !!

Someone also told me to chop onion in half, sit cut sides upright, pour on demerara sugar and leave to go to a syrup, then take spoons of syrup..

I have not tried that one yet, but well impressed with onion on bedside cabinet!!!

Get better soon



I suppose if your nose is blocked up you wont smell the stink from the onions LOL!!!!

Good one Annie!


I have had a cough and sore throat for the last 3 weeks which is now really irratating me.

I might even try the onion getting desparate now, I can't take anything that containd paracetamol as I have a very strong intolerance to it, so that rules out most of the cold remedies.

Bowl of steaming water with menthol in it clears things out, honey to soothe

and if all else fails a gin!


we dio the bowl thing for kids and i tell you all of us in the house could breath easier when you have a bowl of hot water and a spoonfuk of viks vapour rub lol



Hi judes

the last sounds good to me, purely medicinal of course!! Add the tonic, contains quinine!!! verrrry good for autoimmune joint pains and soothes the hyperactive immune systems we have!! Well thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it !!! Lol!!!

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxzz :-) :-) :-)


I have been taking cough medicine, An expectorant I didn't think twice about warfarin. pehaps I should have.

Will ask next time Nothing written on box about blood clotting problems. Didn't contain any asprin Just alchol and some other ingredience

Karen xx


Hi Karen

check with pharmacist, but should be ok, be wary of expectorants, night nurse etc if you have asthma!!

I'm trying to avoid antibiotics for chest infection cos interactions with statins and warfarin. Plus allergic to anythin penicillin so don't leave a lot of choice later in winter.

Hope all better soon

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxzz jessielou xxxx :-) :-) :-)


sheena, I don't like tonic, odd I know, just Plymouth Gin ice and a dash of pure lime juice yummy. I might go to the pub in a mo to have one as by heck I feel really rough.

I live on my own and have a strict policy of not drinking when I am on my own hence the pub which is 30 seconds away!


Hi judes

can't fault you, our local that close too. Closer in about 10 days as supposed to be takin over well my fella is.

Mmmm gin n lime works too!!!

Hope you well

take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxzz jessielou xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Thanks all for your great tips and advice.

I might try that Onion thing tonight! Am also gargling warm salt water twice a day as it seems to help with the cough and throat.



Be careful you don't take too much paracetamol. Here in the US daily max for adults is 3 grams but soon may be dropped to 2.5 grams. Not sure what it is in the UK but it can cause liver damage if taken in high doses or for extended periods of time.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


Paracetamol is ok but it can affect my INR so make sure you tell the INR check people you are on it it often will send it up or down, maybe with having a cold that can affect the INR too.

I just have plenty of hot drinks, cough sweets and spicy food to clear my sinuses if I get a cold. Red hot chilli, yum!


Also there is olbas oil and menthol you can inhale or put in an aromatherapy burner.


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