Advice on Compression Socks?

Hi Everyone,

I apologize as I'm sure this topic has been discussed at length. In about 3 weeks I'm traveling from California to Ireland. I fly from LA to Atlanta which is about 4 hours, then have a couple hours to walk around in the airport, then from Atlanta direct to Dublin, which is about 7.5 hours.

I emailed my rheumatologist to ask her opinion on compression socks and possibly taking an extra baby aspirin (I currently take 80mg daily) and she wasn't very helpful. Her response was basically that it can't hurt to do those things as extra precautions during my flights but didn't have a strong opinion one way or another.

So, I'm looking for input on the best place to buy compression socks online. I know I have to have exact leg measurements taken, but I just don't know what company to buy from.

Also, if I get the knee-high ones, should I wear somewhat loose pants over them? I can't imagine wearing leggings or anything tight over them but I don't really wear skirts or dresses. Any personal experience wearing them would be helpful.

Thank you and happy Friday!

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  • I don't wear compression stockings on flights any more but-having said that, I know my feet tend to swell while in the air so I wear comfy jeans and "all day socks" and sneakers so the laces can be loosened. These are socks which are Diabetes approved and have very soft elastic around the cuff and do stay up. Try for an aisle seat so you can get up and walk around without annoying others and do the recommended exercises (I usually totally forget!)

    Are you on anything else other than Aspirin? Maybe your GP would organise a few Clexane injections (or similar) to put your mind at ease?

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm going to see if I can get an aisle seat when I check-in, that would make things easier! I'm only on aspirin because while I have had the 2 positive tests for lupus anticoagulant, I have not had a stroke, miscarriage, or any other incident so my doctor said for now I just need to be on aspirin.

  • I use commercial compression socks. My favorite, believe it or not, are the Made-for-TV socks! Just enough to make your legs feel better after a long ride-car or plane. Do the exercises, walk around, and all of the things Ozchick suggested. Enjoy Ireland!

  • Thank you! I'm very excited for the trip, just getting a little anxious since it's my first really long trip since I found out about APS. I keep hearing people mention exercises. I know I'm supposed to move my legs around and get up and walk around as much as possible, but is there a link to specific exercises I should be doing? Thank you!

  • Think I got mine on line. Wish I'd bought a larger size thou as they kept slipping from under my knee down a bit.Flight was only 4 hours but it's best to take extra precautions when your body has APS and drink water not wine! Must have drank too much on holiday as INR was 5 when I returned and having to stop warfarin for couple days n retest in week

  • Yeah I've read that it's really important to get the correct size, so hopefully I will be able to measure my legs on my own since my doctor didn't have any suggestions on where to go to get these. Good advice on the water since many international flights offer free wine and beer. I will definitely be steering clear of that!

  • I wear them every day. I love the Sockwell brand at Amazon....they are cute and comfortable enough to wear everyday. Here is a link:

    I have like six pairs....helps with my POTS. I wear them under pants. Knee high.

    In terms of a skirt...dont have any advise there....heading into summer I'm also at a but if a loss.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks! I will check these out! I guess I'll just have to see what kind of pants are most comfortable to wear over them.

  • Hello! I buy my compressions stockings from 2 online sites: and On Bright Life, I like the Sockwell brand for stylish, thicker knee high socks that I wear with my yoga pants or cordouroys. I see another poster mentioned them too. I also have 6 pairs. The Allegro brand are thinner and I wear them under leggings. I always wear compression stockings when I fly and drink plenty of water. Also, during the flight I get up and walk to the bathroom a few times to stretch my legs/get some movement. I wear compression stockings everyday and my legs feel sooooo much better for it.

  • Thank you! That's really helpful to hear that you're able to wear them under yoga pants because I was wondering if that would work. I usually wear yoga pants or leggings on long flights because I find it more comfortable than jeans. Looking forward to checking out all these different options.

  • I've also found the people at the companies are good at answering questions about which to purchase. I was surprised at first that a pair of Sockwells are $25. Bright Life has a buy 2 get 1 free sale on them every once in a while. I never put my compression socks in the dryer and they've held up great over the years. In a pinch CVS sells stockings.

  • Great! Thank you for all the info!

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