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Cold skin warm inside

Does anybody else experience this:

My skin can feel icy cold but I am hot on the inside like an oven although I do not have a temperature. I have got nerve damage from back problems a few years ago and have also gone or am still going through the menopause so it could be that. I am on Warfarin so not sure if that could cause it.


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I think hormonal activity of any sort can make you feel like this, and also I had more of this before treating my underactive thyroid. MaryF


Hi, worth having your blood checked - could be anemia, menopause or thyroid - all can give you these symptoms.

Also worth checking your medications/vitimims you are on for any side effects that may give you these symptoms.


Hi Molly,

Have you just started Warfarin? I think that there are very few side-effects from Warfarin but if you are quite new on I do not know. I only know that I had cold feelings in my body before starting Warfarin.

Is the Warfarin working well with you?

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Thanks everyone maybe it is just the menopause i have blood tests annually for thyroid iron etc so think they are all ok. I have been on warfarin since the 1990s! Feels like forever!

I just have noticed it more at moment as I have to have a window slightly open at night and yet my husband is cold but I am hot but my skin is so cold to touch. I seem never to feel chilly if you know what I mean.

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I have been like this all my life

My bedroom window is open 365 days a year but my skin is always like ice to touch - yet o am like an oven. My physio commented on my ice cold extremities in the summer when I first met with her and it was a glorious hot day and I was roasting

I've always accepted it as part of aps and to do with my circulation


Hi Molly100 warfarin doesn’t usually cause what you are describing so I would suggest it’s more likely hormonal.

All the best.


Oh your post takes me back. .. Hot flashes. Had them on an on and off basis for around 5 years in perimenopause. Gione now. and no, I don't miss them -especially since I was never sure when in the midst of one if this was “just” a hot flash, or something more serious. I learned to distract myself with ... whatever.


Hi Molly100,

I'm experiencing it right now and have been experiencing it for years! I still don't have a definite APS diagnosis despite ticking all the boxes and having to be on anticoagulation for life, following multiple PEs, DVTS and TIAs.

I also have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I know that this makes me very poor at regulating my body temperature, we can also have autonomic dysfunction with EDS which can also affect the bodies temperature.

I too am hypothyroid which I believe can cause this too however I'm pretty certain that mine is not due to menopause as it's been happening for far too many years!

I believe APS is linked with connective tissue disorders too, so maybe it has something to do with that. Someone recently posted a link to an American surgeon who has discovered that his EDS patient's are prone to blood abnormalities like clotting and bleeding, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before we find out more about how sticky blood affects us?I


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Well thanks leakeadea (Claire) that is interesting.

GinaD I do get night sweats due to menopause but this is different, my skin is actually stone cold but I am not shivering and do not feel cold at all. My husband is always commenting on me being cold. It is really strange, but i must admit is only since I have gone through the menopause. I do have nerve damage due to slipped discs and back operations so maybe this could be another cause.


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