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I do not know whether anyone else suffers from feeling so cold, even in sunny warm weather. My husband says why is the heating on, but I am soooo cold. Today I was freezing despite being wrapped up, went to take the dog for a walk and because I felt so bad told my husband I was going back to car. I am not coming down with anything, but this feeling is getting me down. I am on a load of tablets - warfarin, clexane, propanolol, name just a few. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi there, sorry to hear this.... I think autoimmune in general can make you feel cold, however I would ask if you have had your thryoid checked... I have, and had hypothyroidism, that coldness can be one of the symptoms, just an idea. Mary F x

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I get hot with APS but,I have Hypothyroidism and on occasions get very cold inside and shake like you have a temperature.It might be a good idea to have your thyroid checked


Thank you


Hi there!

I'm feeling exactly the same! perhaps its our Devon weather!! I'm sat in the house with the heating on and 2 fleece jumpers on, with my son who is just wearing a t shirt. I've had to wrap myself up too whenever I've gone out recently.

The rheumy consultant was going to test me for thyroid, but I had a letter from her today which included various blood test results, but I don't think any of them were for thyroid after all. Will have to check when I next see her.

Take care.



Hi :)

I often get like this too, I have had my thryroid tested quite often & has come back fine so I'm just asuming it has been APS thats caused it for me?

Some times I'll go the other way & be too warm.....but not often!!!

My right side is usually 80% of the time cold especially the hand & foot.

Hope you're ok & find your answers Sue x


Getting warmer now! but cold tomorrow, find that sometimes I get a cold area on one side too. The last week, numb side of leg which finally went and then the forearm went cold today, didnt last long, but assume its to do with APS etc. I am so happy that there is this site, because prior, one thinks you must be a hypochondriac with all the problems. I did not reaslise that this condition has so many probs.


I always used to be warm but I feel the old so much now. I have had periods where I can't get warm. A few weeks ago I was so cold I was in bed with pjs, dressing gown, socks and two quilts. I was cold like this for a few days then it passed. Is it our condition?


My feet are nearly always cold no matter what the weather so wear warm socks all the time, even to bed some nights. If my feet are cold I can't sleep at all. My hands are also often cold. The rest of me alternates between being cold so I rug up, turn the heater on etc and then I get too hot and have to shed layers and turn the heat off only to repeat the process not long after.


Around the house I wear a long heavy fluffy robe over my clothes. I sit close to my gas fireplace and try to roast myself like a marshmallow. My skin is often cold to the touch. My nose if always freezing cold.



It sertainly sounds like we all get this, I always wear socks around the house, I have those big ankle high furry slippers on too most of the time !!!

My familylook at me gone out & say arn't your feet too warm in them ? !!

I always have fleece blankets everywhere if needed!

Warm hugs to you all ! :) xx


I also feel the cold since being on warfarin with an inr 4 to 5. I got a woodburner installed at home! I find a tee shirt helps keep my core warm!. Wrap up!




My GP says it is the warfarin that makes me cold he says many patients on it complain of this. I am like a standing joke among my family because I am always cold, on a sunny hot day if a cloud goes over the sun I need to reach for a cardigan straight away. I hate it as all the fashianble clothes are so skimpy and I always have to plan for warmth. The only light on my horizon is at 50 I am now get a few hot flushes which my hubby finds hysterical as I sometimes say I hot for the first time in years.


I am pretty sure that one of the side-effects of propanalol is feeling cold. I know that the symptoms of Hughes is feeling cold as well. Our circulation is so poor.

x Sue


Please reply I just had a severe attack of Freezing inside but ok outside.



Horrible to feel cold like that, I invested in some thermal underwear, loads of layers, now going through the menopause, never felt so warm, Husband is now complaining how cold he is, the windows open. ;- )


Hi daisy11,

My hands and feet felt much warmer after I started warfarin. I have read that Sticky Blood is also called "Cold blood". Before warfarin I had a cold feeling for some minute which went through the whole body and vanished.

Kerstin in Stockholm


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