same 400mg has anyone tried it?

My daughter works as an entertainer in chichester, certain weekends are dedicated purely for people suffering from fibromyalgia. A kind lady gave my daughter information on a natural medication she takes called same 400mg. It has clinical trials to support its use. She has now been taking it for 8 years and gets it from America. For her it has improved her sleep pattern, mood in general where anti depressants failed in the past, and joint discomfort associated with fibromyalgia. I took the info leaflet to a pharmacist in boots who confirmed it has been clinically trialled and is safe to take whilst on warfarin and amitryptylline. It is sold it on ebay so i have ordered it to trial... my aim would be to then over months reduce my amitrytylline from 50mg back to 25mg as i know my weight has gone up since the higher dose. Will keep you posted and blog a diary when using it. Kathy from i have primary APS dx 1990 & more recently dx with fibro xx

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  • What is in this medicine- what are the ingredients? I am in the US and never heard of it... Would be interested in finding out. I could have family or friends ship it to me while I am in the UK.

  • wows the packing going !! or is it going /????? me

  • well my friend it seems you are on your way[ or should be by now]its 3:45 so im sure your gone - waited for the call -o- well . be safe , have fun, say hi to those you meet for me. i guess im on my own now. get back to me with contact info as soon as you can. be careful . youre long lost buddy - jet ---ya-ya.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i am also from u.s.- never heard of this - my rheumatologist is searching for a thinnig drug i can us to aid the warafin i am on - now in the last 6 weeks i am on 400 mls of plaquenil,but i am having a bad reaction to some thing so i have been of it for 4 days now . they are just trying to make sure its not the one doing it. as kristina is saying - just what is it you are taking or daughter is taking. ------- jet

  • Hi there.... here is some info.... I did not personally know about this... but googled to see what The Mayo Clinic has to say..

    M x

  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for this link not seen it before very informative.

    kathy xx

  • Hi Jet,

    I see you need extra to your warfarin, just out of interest what is your INR? - I have been on Clopidogrel for (AF) (but this was stopped and my warfaring adjusted) which is very similar to aspirin but kinder on the stomach, there is also a new drug coming out soon called Pradaxa, although if you have a history of PE you can't take it, and not sure if it is suitable for APS suffers. check out I thought Warafin was ok on it's own with good INR checks? am I wrong.....

    Kathy, what is this drug for? APS, sypmtoms of, or something connected,




  • Hi Lesley it is used for fibromyalgia i have some literature given to me with an extracts from an herbal book. Mary (the person who sent the info to me) first came across it in canada and has it imported from america, she has been on it now for 8 yrs and says it made an impact on improving her sleep pattern and help with joint pains. She highly recommended it for fibro sufferers. Being curious i showed the leaflet to a pharmacist in boots who looked it up to check if safe to take on warfarin and amitrytylline, my current medication. He said it would be so i thought worth trialling as i dont like the side effect from amitrytylline 50mg (increased from 25mg when in june but defo have noticed increased side effects with increased dose) so hope if same 400mg works i can reduce amy slowly but will also discuss at my next rheumy app in feb. I will copy the ingredients down when i got more time as off out now & as usual put it somewhere safe never remembering where that is ;-) kxx

  • FibroAction are looking into this substance.

    Will get back to you when I have some accurate info.

  • Thank you will be interested to see what they say kathy xx

  • Yes and i have sent off my letter to Doctor Barry Durrant Peatfield, to see what he makes of it. Mary F

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