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Wish me luck, Gp tomorrow!!!!Big move too!!!

Hi all

Gp tomorrow am. Try again to get him prescribe Plaquenil. He had letter from Tommies last week and not bothered to contact me!! So the saga continues!!!

Other news we moving back into pub trade. Taking over Woodman pub on Saturday and moving into flat above. Great less stairs!!! Al and barstaff doing the work. I just sit end of bar sometimes, get drunk on half a lager!!!

Take care all, gentle hugs love sheena xxxx jessielou xxx :-) :-) :-)

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I hope it all gets sorted, and a seat at the bar sounds great! Mx


Hi hope move goes well.

I used to run pubs . Where abouts is the pub. Enjoy and keep in touch x


Good luck with the move , when you are settled I shall come & join you at the end of the bar!!

I know it wasn't great news about Plaquinil (as we talked earlier....which was nice by the way!) But keep pestering them , they have no reason not to by the sounds of it, so I'm sure they will in the end.

Take care hun xx hugs xx


Hi Suzy,

Thanks hon, I enoyed meeting your furry critters by the way, soooo cute. I`m glad we came round, Jess thinks you are lovely and your house is so goth and sooo coooll!!!

I will keep pestering, they just delaying the inevitable really.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Mary, Diane,

Sure I will get it sorted, today his excuse was needs a shared-care agreement!! Ho hum!!! Will win in the end!!!! Welcome to join me hon!!!

Is in quiet village on Leicestershire/Derbyshire border, not quite so busy as the crazy pub we ran before. But lovely place lovely people for the most part,

Sure it will be lots of fun!!!

Take care gentle hugs Sheena xxxx Jessielou xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Sheena your GP needs to be shot!!! and good luck on the pub side hope all works out soon



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