Finally my own living accommodations-

Since my Mary passed on May 12 th of this year i have a place to call home , Casey and I have been battling the housing fight ,after a couple of bumps in our road we will be moving today . some of my belongings have been moved twice , more miles on them than my car !! This should bring some stability to my hectic life after i get settled in and get Casey settled him self . Those of you that have my phone # the old one should be re-activated. it will be so good to talk to you all again!!! My life was turned up side down so maybe now we can try to turn it back up right- computer will be down on Friday or Saturday BUT should be right back on line { LETS HOPE }so gals E me your preferred # 's I will be in and out today I sign the lease @ 9:00 this morning . HORRAY------WISH ME LUCK , as it is suppose to rain today :-) JUST MY LUCK:-) :-) :-) -MOVING ON JET

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  • Hey you, this is excellent news, Father Christmas has delivered early from the North Pole. The best of luck in your new home, maybe you will send us all a picture one day. Try not to wear yourself out too much, says one who is supposed to be resting who has just emptied out a room of it's furniture ready for decoration etc. Mary F x

  • Thank You Mary-- just got back to my cellar - so exhausted- you know I would love to talk to you in real voice ,if you want to you can I guess privately give your phone`# and if it is a land line I will call you and it won't cost you anything, we have communicated this way for a long time . your choice ?????????????????? gotta go to bed -- just drained:-) --- Casey gave you a wag of his tail !!!! --- Casey and jet

  • Hi there, I will be in touch soon, scanty internet provision and bad phone lines currently, due to recent storms and rather stretched rural internet, enjoy your new space! Mary F x

  • Hi Jet so glad that things are finally settling down for you. I wish you the luck in the world in your new home with Casey. :-D

  • Glad things are becoming more settled. Wishing you and Casey all the very best in your new home

  • Jet, I'm down here in West Virginia, home bound due to hip replacement surgery last month. If you want to talk, I would welcome more outside contact with the world.

    So glad you found new digs. Give Casey a pat for me!


  • Well done on getting sorted. So good to be moved before Christmas . Wishing you every happiness in your new home.

  • Hi bud, I'm so glad you have now got yourself somewhere for you & Casey :) yey for father Xmas!!! :) must have been a good boy after all?!!! ;)

    Don't wear yourself out by doing too much too soon in your new place....take care bud & I hope to talk to you soon :) x

  • Thanks to all - real tired- left shoulder acting up - don't want to work, oxy's tonight- computer will be going down @ 11:00 tomorrow-- Suz same # - every thing packed ,can't find anything-- lost my mind can't even find that :-) Let me know on that # Princess -CONGRATS - so happy for you BIG HUGS If A wants to give me his # thats ok with me and also is Sheena the same ???? I will try you guys tomorrow-THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO GET ME UP AND RUNNING BETWEEN 12;00 TO 4:00 ????????? our time of course' Thanks agin all I'll be on here asap :-) :-) :-) not moving the speed of a JET I assure you :0(

  • Thank you bud, but I think A has led people to believe things that are not?!! I'm not getting married or anything...not yet anyway!!! we are happy & considering getting somewhere together, but that's it for now :)

    I'm so glad you've found somewhere to live now for you & Casey :) somewhere to lay your hat & his lead! :)

    Yup I have the same no. but I'm having problems with my phone for the last couple of days, O2 are transferrin my no. over so I only have one contract now & I think they've screwed up as I still cant phone or text out & it'll be two days tomorrow!!! I'm not very happy about it as it's my only form of communication in case of emergency! Ggggrrrr!!!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon, keep well & smiling bud :)

  • Hi my new friend, sorry it has been along time writing, wanted to tell you I think of you often. Praying everything is going well. Hope your holidays are filled with lots cheer. I will always remember the mosquito story. It always brings a smile to my face. I have been depressed lately, and really have to cheer up. Felling down has prevented me from taking one day at a time. I am trying to get better at writing and being more active in our wonderful support group,or family. Your friend from Windsor.

  • Sorry to hear that love :-(-- I can call U.K. again now that I have a home , so if you would like Private Mail me your phone # and we can chat one my dime !!!!! let me know - I talk to a few select people in England . just got the ability to call a few weeks ago :-) let me know----your buddy jet

  • Love to hear from you any time. I am so happy you have a new Home. How is Casey. I also have a Dog her name is Buddy. How do I Private Mail my phone number? Not very good with the computer yet....Give Casey a Hug.

  • Not sure - sorry so long in reply still trying to move !!!!Find out from some one in the know- [ that's not me !! ]That would be great

  • any luck with the PM messaging ?

  • Wishing you the best Christmas possible and a great New Year - chat in the New Year x MaryF x

  • Wishing you also a great and Happy Holiday.

  • Same to you. MaryF x

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