Any link with cancer??

In a couple of hours I leave for the hospital and surgery. Last year I had kidney cancer, had my kidney removed. Now they are removing just the cancer tumor from my bladder. Then, in a few weeks I come back to hospital for a biopsy of my liver as there is a bad spot found on the ct scan.

I've not read of links between cancer and APS but am just interested in personal experience of members. There is some cancer in my family, but not a lot, so am wondering if there could possibly be a link.



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  • Oh Poor You!! :-( So sorry to hear this and I wish you the very best of luck :-)

    I do not think there is any direct links to cancer that I know of anyway but with so many of us having other conditions that run along side APS its difficult sometimes to know what is down to what!!

    Try and keep as positive as you can as hard as that can be I know but I have heard that the more positive you are the much better recovery is. Visualising your tumour as an object that you hate and then see it in your mind disappearing can have a very powerful effect Im told. I hope that works for you. Anyway Im sending you all my positive vibes and will be thinking of you as Im sure everyone on here will be too.

    With all our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery :-)

  • Hi Lynn,

    Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. I've found so many run from the word cancer that this year I've told very few folks what is happening. That's pretty sad, huh!

    The hospital called a half hour ago; my surgery is postponed until next Friday. Strange enough having a Saturday surgery. I'm very spiritual and positive - and tough; after 23 years of illness it has been the best gift one could have to be this way! However, having folks like you respond the way you do does make a huge difference because we all need 'hugs', however they come.

    I think, somehow, that APS disrupts more than is known. I do deal with a number of auto-immune and other issues (seizure disorder, trigeminal neuralgia, ad nauseum) which, while not seemingly related, may somehow be connected. And, in the long run, all connect. Medical science just does not have the answers yet.

    Anyway, thanks!

    Oh, my surgery is now next Friday.

    And, I didn't add that humor is also important!

    All the best to you,


  • Leigha I was just going to write and say I wish you all the best for your surgery and I hope you get the message in time and then I see it has been postponed. What an anticlimax to have it postponed on the day you were going in, unecessary stress for you. I can't say anything sensible about any potential link between APS and cancer, I just wanted to say that I agree with you that positive thinking and a sense of humour is the only way to go - hard sometimes though isn't it? Anyway, I will send you positive vibes for your operation and subsequent investigations. Thinking of you. Dx

  • Ciao Dorothy,

    Nothing much sensible can be said about any of this APS, etc., huh! We all do the best we can - and thank you also for your kind words. Having them now means so much; as said I've really told so few what is happening so I've mostly been my own support. And positive vibes do travel far!

    This is a great group.


  • Hi hunny, I'm sorry to hear about what you are going through again with cancer :( as far as I'm aware there is no link.

    I just want to send you possitive support & a virtual hug with this message to you, we are here for you, please leyt us know how you got on xx

  • Thanks, Suzypawz. It's all so appreciated. Am about to go outside with my camera, I used to work in it, see photography is big with you, also. It is huge stress reliever for me, and right now I need it, seem quite shaky and up to now have been alright.

    So appreciate everyones positive comments.... thank you all.


  • Hi hun, yes I find that too :) I love taking photos & capturing memories........seeing as my memory is soooooo s**t !!!

    Please let us know how you get on with everything, hugs sent to you again xx

  • Hi Leigha - after posting earlier I popped out thinking about you and feeling your anticipation. I have just got back to read the news of your reprive and can tell its a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand you are all psyched up ready to go and want it over with and on the other hand you can have a relatively normal life (if there is such a thing with APS) for a few more days.

    So not sure if I should be sighing in relief or not.....look at it this way you can enjoy our company for a few days longer - prefably with a nice glass of vino tonight maybe :-D

  • I hope you are OK, and that things go really well for you, things seen and caught, sending you lots of best wishes and big positive thought. Do please keep in touch with us all. Mary F x

  • Gosh, bless you all for such positive vibrations. I'll keep them tight! Actually wish it was over and done, as still have the liver biopsy to do (did I tell you they've also found a spot there? - heck), so my motto is, "I will NOT give in, I WILL NOT give in, NO WAY." If I do, even for one second, then climbing back up is too hard. Your thoughts help more than you know, you wonderful people!!!

  • Leigha.....I am not a religious person----Spiritual yes----so I will send you positive thoughts/vibrations

    and wish you all the best

  • Hi Leigha, so sorry you are going through so much. I worried you not got much support close by. Do you not have a cancer support group you could contact? Any family or friends who could be with you? We are here for you and each one reading this will reach out for sure to support you. Sending you positive thoughts, love and a huge virtual hug. Keep us informed hon. Xxx

  • I wish you all the best! Good luck with your surgery, and take care xx

  • Sorry to hear that surgery is near; glad to read your determined, positive outlook. Good luck. I'll be looking for updates.


  • Thank you all! No, no support close by and going out to a support group not an easy option health wise. Heck, we each have our stories, huh. Won't bore anyone, but I'm surprised at how tough I can be and appreciate all the kind words coming in.

    Take good care, each of you. A beautiful sunny day here, but fall is starting to show itself.

    Check out this Dancing the Planet for some good vibrations:


  • best wishes to you and your health. I hope all goes well.

    There isn't a link between cancer and APS, but there is evidence that we may be a little protected by our lovely little cells!!

    In Texas at UTMB there is currently research going on with our antibodies and apparently they can be cancer killers and this research may someday lead to a cancer treatment! Pretty interesting stuff, huh?!

    Again, all the best to you!


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