WoooHoooo... NO Cancer !!!!

WoooHoooo... NO Cancer !!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that the biopsy showed NO Cancer!! I am SOOOOOO relieved. If I could walk right I would be dancin' and boogying around my house. (I can hear the angels singing around me !!)

I will talk with the surgeon on my post op appt on the 10th..his nurse called with the report.

SIGH of relief...thank you all for your positive thoughts and concern !!!

Now...onward to the next situation....ONE down....TWO to go !!!!!!!

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  • So happy for you hun :)

    Glad the outcome was good, wow you must be so relieved!

    Hugs to you xx

  • Thanks ...So relieved!!!!!

  • What wonderful news, I am sooo happy for you.

  • Thanks .... I appreciate it !!!

  • super news there my friend ,im sure thats alot off your mind, this is good we all have so many other things going on . but great news like this, is a breath off fresh air good for you and yours enjoy your good news- are you from the states ? i thought so but couldnt remember ??? . just the brain cramps ??????????????????? jet

  • Yes...Jet I live in Ohio.


  • Hi Beverly

    thank goodness for that hon. Good news is so lovely to hear. What a huge relief hon.

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx

  • Thanks Sheena... it made my day!

  • great news - what a relief for you take care kathy xxx

  • Fantastic so pleased for you.

    Karen xx

  • Go girl!! I'm Boogying with you, but sitting down...I call it chair dancing ....it's lovely to hear such good news. Larraine xx

  • Wonderful news! so happy for you x

  • Hi, Pumpkincake.

    I'm so glad the results were negative and you can throw off that worry you been carrying around because it was all for nought.

    I know from experience that the hardest part is the wait between the test and the result, but it's great that it came out for you.

    All the best,

    Wayne L

  • Excellent news!

  • Hey Beverly

    Wonderful news.

    Best wishes


  • Congrats to you PumpkinCake! I'm so pleased.

  • OMG..you made my day!!! i am so so glad..i will boogy dance for you...enjoy.

    here we go!!! boogy spin...shake .wiggle....turn...split. ...jump up....turn again....shakin booty......bowing at the waist......

    wheew i am tired..gotta go rest..

  • Im so glad for you. And may your angels also be with you

  • So happy to hear you news


  • Awww thats great hun well u can take big breath now and relax u must be feeling so relieved i send my love n thank god ure ok xxx tc xx

  • Hi there, i am more than pleased for you, well done. Mary F x

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