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Any relation with having APS and high creatinine levels?

Hi all, I've got APS and had two blood tests in the past month that have come back with high creatinine levels. No history of kidney disease in my family. I keep well hydrated, I'm active etc. I take warfarin and beta blockers. Anybody know if there is any link with APS that could cause high creatinine levels in my blood? Would appreciate any help if anyone has had anything similar. As my GP is not much use, and I might consider seeing an APS specialist. I'm 26, and feeling a little bit lost..... Thank you

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Yes, APS can cause nephropathy (kidney disease), either by causing thrombosis of the arteries leading to the kidney, the small vessels within the kidney or the veins taking blood away from the kidney. This may be associated with high blood pressure (which can be severe) and/or blood or protein in the urine. Other causes include medications, including over the counter ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. You should be evaluated by a kidney specialist if your GP is not initiating an evaluation.

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Hi hon

I had elevated creatinine when on Simvastatin, gp changed statin to atorvastatin and have levels have dropped. So may be a drug reaction.

Check out the Hughes foundation website at hughes-syndrome.org for a list of APS specialists. Hope you get sorted soon hon.

Take care gentle hugs Sheena xxxxx


Thanks both for the info.

I went back to my GP yesterday, and he did a urine sample. He used a dipstick to test it, and it showed there is blood in my urine (not that there was any visible). He has sent it off to be tested for any proteins. It's horrible playing the waiting game now.

I don't take any other tablets apart from my warfarin and beta blockers which he said wouldn't affect it.


Don't mess around with this. I developed clots in my kidneys due to aps and now I only have 25% kidney function. Do you keep your INR up and check it regularly? Stay on your md about it and make sure your INR is therapeutic.


Hi, thanks for the help. Sorry to hear about your kidneys, I have heard its quite common for APS to cause kidney problems. Yes I keep on top of my inr, it's normally within range, and I have blood tests between 1-4 weeks depending on what the inr is. I've had my urine results back, they said there is some protein in there but it's normal. So I've arranged an appointment with my GP next week I'm going to ask for more investigation. As there must be some reason why I have high creatinine in my blood, and blood in my urine. I think I may ask to see a kidney specialist (if there is such a thing).

What sort of checks/tests did they do on your kidneys?



Sorry I'm late getting back to you. They draw blood to test creatinine and BUN, among other things to test kidney function. In the US, it's called a Renal Profile. It will also check your electrolytes. My first symptom was protein in my urine and that was years before my creatnine became elevated. I didn't realize I had clotting issues until they finally did a kidney biopsy which showed clots in the kidneys. A kidney specialist in the US is a nephrologist. Good luck and stay on top of it. I wish I had!

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