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You may remember I went into St Thomas' last monday as the new stent had been "compromised". Well, it appears that the end of the stent (roughly behind my tummy button) had somehow got squashed and so the plan was to introduce a new stronger stent inside it and expand it again using a balloon. However when they got in there the stent was full of new blood clots which is worrying because I had been having injections twice a day to prevent that!

The next step was to introduce a "clot busting" drug intravenously through my neck for 24 hours - a rather uncomfortable process. Success - the next day the clot was gone!

.I am now back on Warfarin and at home recovering from the after effects of the surgery. My INR is being checked daily locally and the doctors at St T's are dosing my warfarin over the phone each day.

It just remains to manage my INR levels carefully to try to prevent further clots. Once again the doctors were wonderfull and have given me a lot of hope for the future. Thank you to all of you who sent messages of support - it really does help when you are feeling low.

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  • Hi there so glad to hear how things have moved along... and that you are being properly looked after.. well done, I hope things settle down and you feel better very soon... it all sounds quite complicated and tricky! Mary F x

  • It seems you were cought just in time. I'm glad they found the new, unexpected, little clots so they could treat them. And so glad you are back at home recovering. Over the hump again, Glitterwitch! Stay on the healthy road.

    Smiles, warm wishes and prayers,


  • Sorry about spelling, I swear there are gremlins on this site that transpose spelling or worse just get it altogether wrong!


  • Thank you for your kind words (no matter what the spelling)! xx

  • Glad you are home and on the mend. Good thing that clot buster worked- I am not actually surprised you still clotted though. Seems that we are "special cases" that seem to defy medical logic!!

    Keep well and healthy!

  • I like the sound of being "special" and not just "different" or "awkward". Thanks!

  • So pleased that you are sorted out at last.

    It is also nice to hear a positive story about the people looking after us. Good for St. T's.

    Hope you continue to make progress.

    x Sue

  • Ohh bless you. hope you continue to improve. Love Jane xxx

  • Congrats on the improvements! Did you hear the one about the Dad emailing his grown children on his IPad? He typed, " Your mom and I are going to Disney," and autocorrect changed it to " Your mom and I are going to divorce."


  • I love it! My sense of humour is still alive and kicking throughout everything!

  • Glad you are getting better. Tommy's is the best - long live the NHS!

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