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Hi I've been back to the miscarriage clinic... My sticky blood level was at 13... Previously it was 15... Still no further on apart for having another hysteroscopy to check the lining of the womb...dont think I will ever get any answers. Gone back to gp to ask can I be referred to check out my blood levels etc...I have had 2 blood tests & both slightly high.. Does this mean that I may have APS?

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  • Hi there, remind me are you under any of our recommended specialists: hughes-syndrome.org/self-he...


  • Hi MaryF

    No I'm not under any of the recommended specialist.. After my last miscarriage app only thing that was arranged was a hyroscopy.. He said that aspirin & Heprin can sometimes work in miscarriage but not always & with myself if always had IVF...I have asked my GP if I can have a referral.

  • It is pretty crucial to have a referral, they are on the right track with you with the mentioned medication, but the right specialist team will help guide the process. MaryF

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I've no more planned treatment left as I've used my rounds of nhs treatment & paid privately last time...I'm a bit annoyed that this wasn't picked up before my last or all treatments. No follow up appointment at miscarriage clinic, except for hyroscopy. No plan from them.. If it wasn't for this forum I would be clueless... I have been getting joint aches recently that won't go away... Had 2 really bad episodes of utercaria previously Both lasting for months..requing treatment... Hospitalised on one occasion and having a blood test and the doctor said that its nothing to worry about but you have something wrong with your blood but it's ok ... And it only affects a small percentage of people. Sorry for the long post but need to get it off my chest... Only had a telephone consultations with gp recently so could not talk properly... I need to go in.

  • Best of luck, I can hear your fighting spirit, keep us posted and all the best. MaryF

  • Thanks & I will do

  • Do you have a follow up appointment to discuss your blood levels?

  • Hi Groovy

    No I don't have a follow up appointment

  • Oh...I was diagnosed at the recurrant miscarriage clinic after after a number of blood tests. Maybe ring the clinic or contact your gp? I have aps and will need to have aspirin and heparin the next time I fall x

  • Don't let them fob you off. I've seem dr Rai and professor Lesley Regan in London to get my diagnosis of aps

  • Thankyou. I'm not going to let them.

  • Hi I have also so suffered miscarriages and have Hughes syndrome ( I had 2 blood tests to confirm this) My husband and I are in the process of ivf again, my consultant has said I may need asprin and a high dose of folic acid if I become pregnant, apparently this will give me an 80% chance of carrying full term. Also my go has referred me to a haematologist and I will have support from the miscarriage unit once I become pregnant. It may help if you ask your gp for a referral and have some investigations done.☺

  • I have also had recurrent mc and was diagnosed with APS, my anticardiolipin antibodies were out of range. The blood test is done twice a number of weeks apart to confirm. The miscarriage clinic prescribed me high dose folic to take while I was trying and I took this for about a year without falling pregnant and I finally had IVF treatment, when I found out my AMH was also low. On top of this, I have been on aspirin and heparin since I got a positive pregnancy test. And I am on eltroxin for thyroid. It was my first cycle and I'm 22 weeks along now.

    Has your thyroid also been checked? It seems this can go along with APS. I hope you have a successful pregnancy but you do have to be well looked after to try and prevent further losses.

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