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I just wanted to ask if anyone attends the APS clinic at St Thomas'? I have an appointment there for the first time on 5 April and was told that the clinic always finishes at 10 am so that was the latest time they could give me. I have to get there from Gloucestershire which is a bit of a struggle for that time apart from the cost of train fairs at that time of the morning! I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this at St T's?

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  • Yes I had an early one... however I booked my tickets well in advance, and due to this my fairs were cheaper. Do you have anybody in London you could stay with? Just an idea. I know some do. Best of luck, Mary F

  • Hi there,

    My appointment was 10.30,and my next appointment is 11.30

    Hope this helps



  • Hi there,

    Many thanks Mary and Lesley for your replies. I did tell St T's I was coming a distance and they said that 10 am was the latest appointment for that clinic. I've looked at the trains and found out it is going to cost me £84 - gulp! Not sure what to do now. If I go at all, it will probably be the first and last time! I hope it's worth it!

  • Im not sure what clinic you are attending there but I go on a Friday and its a PM appointment time. I think it depends on the DR you see but he is an APS specialist consultant.

    Unless you are seeing a specific Consultant I would ask about that but it may mean another wait if you change the appointment.

    Most Clinics will fill up from the start and refuse to give out a later spot because they don't want gaps. You could ask if they have a later time cancellation if it is to see a specific consultant.

  • I attend the Wednesday APS Clinic at At T's, I travel from Gloucester on 7am National Express to Victoria, arriving at 10am, 271 Bus to St T's eta 10.30, as the clinic isn't quite on time all is well. Just make them aware you can't arrive before this time, I am sure they can accommodate you. Enjoy your trip, I enjoy the hubbub of London for a few hours, bit of sightseeing, lunch then homeward bound.

  • Many thanks everyone for the information. The bus sounds like a good idea Patsy as the train is expensive that time of the morning. I am hopefully seeing Dr D'Cruz (does anyone else attend his clinic?). As it's my first time at St Ts, I will ask about other clinics and see if next time there is another time slot. I was told that there is a possibility new patients from other parts of the country get seen once and then referred back to their local hospital presumably with some sort of treatment plan. I hope not as Gloucester Hospital were pretty hopeless for me which is why my doctor referred to me St T's!

  • I think it must depend on who you see, and I doubt that 10.00 is a standard time for all days of any particular doctors clinics (though it may be some days because of other commitments). I come up from Devon and they give me 2.00 appointments.

  • Thanks Tim. 2 pm sounds a lot more human! I'm not sure why I was told that 10 am was the last appointment time for this clinic. Perhaps it's because it's my first time? I shall certainly see if I can get a more reasonable time the next time I go.

  • wish there were APS clincs in Canada! this would be great - your lucky to get a doc that knows anything about it

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