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How long does it take you to get moving in the morning when you wake up?

My doc asked me this which I had never really put any thought to it before, I guess it always was just the way it is....

I realized though that it usually takes me 1-2 hours before I am up and moving about and the pain and stiffness and foggyness wears off enough so I am go about my business.

Wondering what others are like in the mornings or whenever it is they get their day started?

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According to my husband I am like a dormouse (fat, short sighted and sleep a lot - said with love I might add). It takes me ages to wake up and then I am really stiff when I get out of bed. The initial stiffness takes some time to go off then by the time I am sitting ready for my man to produce the coffee I am much better. I am usually okay by the time I start work (9ish UK time) but if I sit for any length of time at the computer the stiffness in my legs and back returns. It's a good question!


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