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How long does it take you to get moving in the morning when you wake up?

My doc asked me this which I had never really put any thought to it before, I guess it always was just the way it is....

I realized though that it usually takes me 1-2 hours before I am up and moving about and the pain and stiffness and foggyness wears off enough so I am go about my business.

Wondering what others are like in the mornings or whenever it is they get their day started?

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Hi Jean and Kristina

I too get stiff and take ages to get going in the morning. I have Aps with just about every complication as it took years to diagnose. I had put the stiffness and snails pace in the morning down to arthritis in my lower spine but I guess it is down to the Aps or lupus as my sister has lupus and she takes forever to wake up, get up and function too.


If I can force myself to make coffee and get on my treadmill immediately after waking, the faster I wake up, the more alert I am and the more fluid my muscles are. When days are particularly bad, and pain wakes me, I'll use medical marijuana or Vicodin to keep the pain at bay and motivate my thinking (when pain is under control) to get on that treadmill and finish the one important job I have to do all day. That is where I place my exercise on my list of daily priorities. FIRST. Because I have proved to myself countless times that I think better and faster mentally and physically if I can just manage to do as much exercise as I can immediately. But, I don't want to fib here. It's my one honest place. There are certainly days I'm not motivated to get out of bed to do anything or pain is so severe upon waking that, well suffice it to say ... I have my days. I do believe everyone is entitled to at least one "good for nothing" wallow in your woes day every once in a while. I just don't believe in staying in that attitude very long.


Hi Kristina

It usually takes me a couple of hours to get going in a morning, brain just takes a while to work, I find if I just move through it, (some days the pain won't let me), I get going and do what needs to be done.

I Always set time aside to rest in the afternoon, cos I know I have to keep going till late at night, living in a pub, I can't settle upstairs till doors shut and my fella upstairs.

7 dogs and three children mean a busy time at the moment. My border collie has just had a litter of four gorgeous pups, they're adorable but noisy and sleep is a definite luxury right now!! Only 8 weeks to go!!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


hi all, I'm lucky in that I don't get a lot of pain in my joints now. Funnily enough I used to get a lot more years ago before I was diagnosed. Then when the migraines, brain fog, etc started the joint pains stopped. It took years to get the proper treatment and unfortunately I had permanent brain damage by then but at least the joint pains, didn't return!however, it still takes me ages to get going in the morning. I find doing Tchi Gong exercises helpful. They are based on tai chi and are a series of stretching exercises which really work well, especially if you have limited mobility. Worth looking to. Stella


Body permitting i agree exercise for me works - out walking the dog tends to get me thinking clearer and energised but i too have days when i feel rubbish stay in bed watch morning tv dog and all ... i so wish to have consequetive days when i can get up bright and early and go for a walk but one thing is for sure if up early one day defo unable to do it the next!! my hubby calls me the penguin i waddle to the en suite as feet are sore i often then have a warm shower to get muscles and joints warmed up!! kathy xx


When i wake I'm so exhausted and in Pain I try to get to the kitchen and usually manage it like a zombie in pain, I then have to sit in bed for at least an hour before I can slowly get going.Even if I wanted to there is no way I could exercise in the mornings it would be absolutely impossible due to fatiigue and pain.I cannot remember the last time i sprang out of bed would be so nice to do that.Also I only push myself to get going because I have work although as a reasonable adjustment my start time is allowed to vary, if I wasn't working I'm sure I would be in bed until mid morning.


I can relate to all your posts. What causes the stiffness?



I find I should not sit for more then 30 minutes without getting up and moving about. But do I? No. And then when I do strufggle up I am so stiff and in such pain I tell myself I've learned my lesson, the next time I sit don with my computer, or a book, or tio watch TV I will get up and move around, or do some squats, every 30 minutes is so. But then I rarely do.

Will I be more functional today?


Oh, but I didn't answer your question did I? Well, not as long as some apparently. But after I get dressed I start the morning dog walks. The first is a half beagle, half German shepherd. Assuming there are no " squirrel jerks" I start the walk feeling horrid but feel quite well after a quarter of a mile. Of course, that's on a good day. There are those bad days when I tun all dogging over to hubby.

But I notice that sitting makes me stiffer then laying in bed. I presume that goes with my S/I Joint issues.



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