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Please help!!

Hi guys, I've only just joined after being diagnosed with APS in April 2010 after having 2 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth. Until now it's has only affected me during pregnancy but after being diagnosed and placed on aspirin and heparin I now have a little girl. Like I said its never affected me in any other way until last week when I started having problems breathing (struggling to take a proper breath) and now I'm constantly having to yawn to get a breath, has this affected anyone else???? Its been so bad this week that I got so worked up this morning and ended up having a major panic attack (never had one before) I asked my gp if it had anything to do with APS but he just looked at me gone out and asked what it was!!?? Would be great to hear from anyone that has had this problem.


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we are not doctors but if you are having trouble breathing I would visit ER or a GP at the earliest.

APS is a blood clotting disorder it is better to get checked and find it to be a false alarm than take no action and suffer major affects.

I do not want to alarm you but a PE (pulmonary embolism) is a clot in the lung.

PLEASE get to a doctor. Let us know how you got on.


Hi there, sorry to hear this... can you see the rheumatologist rather than just the GP, this does need checking out.. and also other than just urgent APS problems which can affect the lungs after pregnancy also rule out thryoid problems as they can also at times cause similar symptoms amongst a long list of many. Certainly you need your lungs checked out sooner rather than later, even via t walking in the hospital with your APS diagnosis. Please let us know what they say. I would be checking at the hospital fairly swiftly Mary F x


Hi hun glad you have found us, you are not alone & we will help anyway we can, I too agree you need to be seen as soon as possible as they could be symptoms as explained above by the to get it checked, don't take no as an answer either by the docs either because they don't know much of APS, all the more reason to see specalist or rhumy.

Congrats on your little girl too :)

Let us know how you get on & keep ok xx


Thanks hun it's so nice to speak to people that actually know what I'm talking about as I'm sure people that have never heard of APS think I'm making this stuff up!! I'm struggling for breath again tonight but trying to control it, will give it another 20 mins and see how I feel then and if no better will try and get to A&E. Thanks so much for replying and I'll keep you updated xx


As everyone else has said we dont want to alarm you but if you are having problems catching your breath it is time to set off for the Hospital.

I had this for 3-4 days, even went to my GP who told me I had muscle spasms!! two days later when I was gasping for breath and my husband called again, another GP said get her to the Hospital now and it was a PE. I was told the breathlessness I had been experiencing for the three days before were bits of the clot breaking off and showering into my lungs, then the bigger one hit.

Please just get it checked out at Hospital where they can tell immediately what is going on. Better its nothing and your safe than worry about it. Please keep us in formed so we dont worry about you :-)!! x


Thanks Lynn im going to take your advice and have a trip up to the hospital when I can get hold of someone to take me! Typical it's always worse when everyone's asleep! Will update you when I know what's gong on x


Hi I had terrible lung pain and ended up in emergency ward at local hospital a few years agao. I had to be resucitated twice that night. Now looking back on this I think this was the start of my having APS which caused stroke in 2007. Amazing how GP still not heard of APS. Hopefully someone at hospital will now of heard of it! Good luck hope you get treatment / medication soon. Warfarin works well for me.


I have been suffering with breathing problems on and off for about ten years, long before I had even heard of APS. I went to my GP on one occasion and although he listened to my chest etc, advised me to go to the hospital and to always head to the hospital any time I have trouble breathing because for everytime they cant find a cause for it, there may be a time when it might just save your life.


Dear Gemgem, I cannot really add any more than other people have said above but please, please get this seen to. I had pregnancy problems and they took me off anticoagulation and have have no end of serious health issues since. Now my children are 22 and 19 and APS was not a known condition back then so I cannot really blame the doctors but now that APS is something your doctors know about they should, in my humble, non-medical opinion, be taking your current symptoms more seriously. Go to A&E if necessary x x


Yawning to breathe I know only too well !!!

Hope you have been to A&E by now

Breathing problems with or without APS should be fully investigagted.

Once had a doctor tell me it was hay fever, I know better now but his lack of knowledge could have had dire consequence - thankfully on this occasion my body healed itself - I needed urgent intervention in last pregancy and postnately

I went to hospital and was discharged on 3 occassions whilst 8 months pregnant this was over a period of 10 days then I called my heam (at another hospital) was seen in clinic and diagnosed within 3 hours but because I had been left dehydrated the condition was worse.

Let us know how you got on


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