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Help needed... pregnancy question

Hello evetyone,. I have just found out that I'm pregnant (only about 4 week). This is my 8th pregnancy (only 1 child though). My question is a bit of an odd one.. I am meant to be going on holiday in July with family and this has announcement to my mum has caused some friction. The question is, if this pregnancy was to continue, would I be able to her travel insurance and be allowed to fly ( only to Europe) when 7months pregnant? I know it's an odd one but my so so happy news has caused a bit of a row as this family holiday has been a swine to arrange.. thanks for any help that can be provided. Kate xxx

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Hello not crystal clear about this one, some women do fly that late on in pregnancy with a note from the doctor/consultant however extra precautions are needed with APS. I know this all feels very raw and tense, but what is the number one priority is your health and that of the baby. Do you have people close to you that can act as a buffer? I know holidays are important, but somebody could take your place if it really is not meant to be and... there will be other holidays. I should try and keep calm and look after yourself! Mary F x


Thanks Mary.. my buffer is the one I've had the heated discussion with.. its my parents wanting a family holiday so there's no one to take my place.. I have aaked them to wait until the end of Feb then make a decision as if I'm gonna miscarry I generally do between now and 6 weeks so the end of Feb will put me about 8 weeks along... we'll see what happens but i could have just done without the grumble.. sorry to vent. K xxx


Hi there, well draw close to friends and be calm and firm with anybody not thinking of your situation objectively. Wishing you the best of luck, keep us posted. Mary x



Oh poor you, you have the worry and joy of a new pregnancy, yet conflict with your parents - I hope they come round and share your joy and concerns. Are your doctors looking after you with your meds?

I also lost 7 babies, but had 2 beautiful sons, all before my diagnosis so I can 't advise on the travel thing, just wishing you well :)



Hi Kate

Glad to hear you are pregnant hon, lookin after yourself right now is most important. As Mary says there can be other holidays. Try not to get too stressed about this hon.

Everything crossed this one makes it!!!

Not sure but think airlines not like expectant mothers to fly after 28-30 weeks. Would have to be with careful monitoring by doctors as well.

I had to cancel holiday after discovering i was pregnant with my daughter, would have meant flying at 11 weeks n airline and doc said no. Glad i did. She 14 now and still can't quite believe she mine, she is beautiful inside and out!!!

Also cancelled another holiday after pulmonary embolism, but am just happy to be here and happy.

No need to be sorry for venting hon. Thats what we here for!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Congratulations Kate! I am sending baby sticking dust your way and praying that this one stays put.

I'm not sure if its your family that wants you to fly or that you want to? If its your family tell them your health and that of bub comes first and the holiday can wait.

If it is you that wants to fly then best to discuss it with your medical team and if they say yes then see if the airlines will allow it and then make a decision.

I flew when I was pregnant twice and lost the baby shortly after both times and I always wonder if it was the flight or if it would have happened anyway. It was before I was diagnosed and before I went onto aspirin and clexane to have my now eight year old son.

It really is a call only you and your medical team can make ...please don't be pushed into anything by your family or anyone else.



I just loved the "sending baby sticking dust your way" comment, lovely :)

Smiles to you and everyone

Lesley :)


Hi there

Big hugs, I know how difficult it can be to arrange family holidays, and keep the peace whilst on the holiday.

The most important thing is your health and the health of the baby. I am not sure whether its ok to fly being that many months pregnant, I guess that is up to your doctor and you. Your health is key, if you dont feel up to it, then you have the right to cancel and no amount of family pressure otherwise should stop you cancelling if you feel you need to. That said, its also your choice to go, despite everything.

Your doctor will advise on any special precauctions to do with flying. I am 40 with primary APS and regularly fly from Spain to UK and back to see my family. The haemotologist said flying short haul is ok. I think other precautions need to be taken for long haul.

However make sure you move around the cabin, do basic exercises in your seat like rotate your ankles and wrists, bend your neck forward and semi circle forward from side to side.

Some people suggest flight socks, keep hydrated, no alcohol.

Hope your family will give you a bit of slack, and like the others have said, sending you and your baby, sticking dust!!

Best regards

Sara xx


Hi, im sure your family must know how imortant this pregnancy is to you, having gone through so much pain before - i know only too well, I would cancel the holiday as an excuse not to be under any stress that could put any more strain on you! Even as far as to say to your parents youve been advised medically not to go and see if that sits any better with them, the only way i could get through each pregnancy was to do everything in my mind possible to give it a chance and if anything does go wrong then as a woman you know so much how you always look to see if you are to blame - its just natural, and then in your heart of hearts you know you couldnt have done any more to help, and done nothing to contribute if it ends. Im sure this one will have a great outcome, but APS is tricky and even though i had two great outcomes they were not without problems towards the end and theres no way i would have travelled, im sure it would be better to cancel now than have to later. My babies were orn at 36wks, and 35, and lots of time in hospital and prem labour attacks, Take the next few months to just look after you two xxx


Thank you everyone. I knew I couod rely on like minded individuals to cheers me up. I sure hope the sticking dust makes it to me and Bubs and I really open I start to get some pregnancy symptoms soon... fingers crossed I'll be able to keep you updated with positive news as i get it. Hugs Kate xxx


Take care of u and your baby. Flying is risky. My doc has ruled out flyng for me and I'm not pregnant. There is a high risk of clots when u fly unless it is a very short trip. I lost twins, but went on to have three children. They all have clotting issues. My daughter has lost 3, but has one. Her doc will not agree to her flying. Take care and take a local holiday this time.


Hi Kate

I have some understanding of where you are, my mother thought she was being comforting when she said "Sharon, why do you keep putting us all through this" after my 10th miscarriage. She said, several years later when we had a no holds barred frank discussion that she was telling me to stop worrying what others thought and that I didn't have to keep trying! Yeah, thanks Mum, just when I needed your support.

What I'm saying to you, Kate. Is your Mum will get over it. Her baby (you) is in a scary place again and she's frightened for you just the same as you would be if your little one insisted on doing something potentially dangerous over and over again. It's her job to protect you, she's a Mother and that instinct to protect never ever goes away. She wants to stop you hurting yourself but can't so she's cross with the thing that she sees is hurting Right no one said this was easy and there is no more difficult relationship than that between mother and daughter.

She will get over it, let her sulk. You just don't need this additional stress right now when you really aren't believing yourself that things are going to work this time. I remember visiting shrines, psychics, casting runes, spells, prayers everything you can imagine. I have 2 children, Matt is 18 this year, Caitlin 6 and there are 11 stars in the sky who visited me for a short while.

wishing you well

Love Sharon xx


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