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Does anyone have Left Middle Back pain when taking deep breaths?

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I'm having left middle back pain when taking deep breaths. This has been going on for three months. The xray I had was normal. Anyone had a similar problem? Could it be inflamation of the chest wall?


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Hi there, I have had pain like this, normally after an infection, I presumed it was after pulling a muscle from coughing or just something to do with my sjogrnes or lupus, it did go away. Mary F x

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jean48 in reply to MaryF

Thanks Mary - I was hoping you'd answer my question. You're the best!


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MaryFAdministrator in reply to jean48

ah thanks... we all work as an interconnected do this... x

Hi, I have costochondritis which means I get pain around my ribs most of the time, usually to the side and front but I also get the back pain you describe off and on, sometimes it lasts for a week or so but it does go away. I don't know if your problem might be something similar? I also have pain if you apply any pressure around my ribs (funnily enough kept me awake last night, couldn't lay on my right hand side) Although I have found Nurofen will help with the pain, I don't use it much as I find it is better to work with the pain, I do tai chi and whilst the chest pain is difficult to start with it does gradually ease to bearable levels. Dx

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jean48 in reply to DorothyItaly

Interesting - Thanks Dorothy! I will check out costochondritis. I know something is going on and my doctors aren't concerned.


Hi, I get this type of pain, sometimes on the right, sometimes left and occasionally both.....spoke to my consultant and he said he could hear a pleural rub, which he thought was due to inflamation from my seems to ease off when my steriods are increased

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jean48 in reply to jani4063


It's a strange ailment. I supposely don't have lupus but I'm beginning to wonder.


Now that you mention it (and answering another query took me back to my 'endless mono' years -- I used to have a pain in my middle left back when I inhaled deeply. It lasted on and off for years, then went away and has been gone for decades now. Sorry as this answer is not going to give you any functional help, but . . .it was been a long time ago.

Thanks Gina I hope it doesn't take four years to get rid of it.


I am also experiencing this and I do not know what do do

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Lure2 in reply to Miked1242

I have sent you an answer. I put it wrong. Sorry.


You have answered on a 3 year old post.

If you have not found any good answers above I advise you to put a new question on this site and tell a little about yourself and your APS (Hughes Syndrome) symptoms.

We are not medical trained here and this is a site for APS (Hughes Syndrome).

Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

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