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Sharp quick pain on left middle side of head

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A few days ago, I started getting these sharp...what feels more like a throbbing pain on the left middle side of my head. It comes and goes away in what feels like less than a minute but it is sharp enough to cause me to worry. I rarely get headaches on my head. I do get sinus headaches on my forehead since I was 15. It is usually brought on by my environmental allergies or my poor sleep. I am turning 60 later this year. For years I have been suffering with Insomnia. Would my insomnia, sinus and allergy problems have anything to do with the sharp quick throbbing pain I am experiencing? I have also had some relationship stresses to deal with for many years. I do attend a gym and love doing aerobic cardio and strength exercises 2 to 3 times a week. Since I am in my 60th year, and anything is possible, I feel very worried. Should I be seeing a doctor or head to the hospital? When the pain is not there, I am fine. Does anyone know what is happening with me? Thanks.

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Hi, welcome, I have seen you have just joined. This forum is for people suffering with Hughes/APS/sticky blood- have you been diagnosed with this?

Any new or prolonged symptom there us no doubt you should see your GP, where further testing can be done and hopefully alleviate you if your worries.

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Thank you for your response. No, I have not been diagnosed. I have not seen a doctor as yet. I was researching my symptoms and came across this Forum. From what I have been reading, I feel like many of the responses from all the postings seem to relate to this Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome...and much similarity to what I am experiencing. I wondered If I may have that same Syndrome or if it may be something else. I will call my doctor's office today.

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Hi, if you feel you do have this syndrome, and any of the symptoms do add up, please ask your GP to do the following tests, if you test positive then feel free to come back to us and join this forum, I enclose the blood tests for you. All three tests are tests for Hughes Syndrome/APS: It is also not unusual if you have this condition to have a Thyroid condition alongside it, insomnia can be a feature of an untreated thyroid. It is advisable to test your levels of Vit D, B12, Iron and your Thyroid alongside the tests mentioned above. This forum is for those with a positive diagnosis for Hughes Syndrome/APS. MaryF


I get this and have sle and aps, am on antiplatlet clopidogrel.

I do also get occipital neuralgia where I get sharp pains like u describe in the top or side of my head they actually are bad enough to stop u in ur tracks and hold ur head but they don’t last long. I do suffer chronic migraine too and am waiting to see neurologist next month again as I feel the occ neuralgia is back and I used to be on gabapentin for it . I don’t really want to go back on this as I had to take 6 tablets a day and I’m already taking 30 tablets a day!!

So it could be occipital neuralgia, do u get any pain in the base of ur head (the occipital nerves)

If it is new for u u should always speak to the gp about new problems esp headaches x

I have had these symptoms with other neurological symptoms before I was fully anticoagulated.

You can try with an Aspirin per day in a small dose (75 - 100 mg is enough) and see if it helps to begin with.

Good Luck and then please follow the good suggestions you have got above to find a Specialist who understands.

Best wishes from Stockholm

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